What Kill White Clover


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greenwood IN
Help I need a good product to kill white clover early. I have tried Momentum but kill seems slow if any. I know it probably is a little early but weather has been warm in Indiana and am trying to stay ahead of it.


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Smithfield, NC
I sprayed Speed Zone in my yard on some white flowering clover yesterday at the rate of 1 oz. per gallon (backpack sprayer), spot treating. It has already started to shrivel and curl up in less than 24 hours. It is safe on centipede too. Main ingredient is 24-D


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Originally posted by PicturePerfect
Try Lontrel herbicide. The active ingredient is clopyralid.

Why waste the money when Confront contains chlopyralid as well.

Evan...are you sure you're mixing the Confront to the proper rates? ;) When I apply, it dusts clover in 48 hours. Thus why I bought enough to last me a couple years.

As for uptake, it will be slower this time of year. I don't worry all that much about broadleaf control til Mid-May.

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