what kills brown recluse spiders

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    I need a product that will kill a nest of supposed brown recluse spiders. I have not seen nest, but customer is wanting something. Any suggestions? Would liquid Bifen work?
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    Actually spiders can be killed with simple isopropyl rubbing alcohol as is with most insects. Also, you can burn them out if they are in the ground with a diesel fuel mixed with a little gas. The alcohol can be put in your hand sprayer. The stuff is cheap but spray a lot as it evaporates quickly. Bifenthrin is more of a slower kill for fire ants, crickets and things that invade grass. It may work on the spiders, however, I'd want a quicker more direct kill. The most used home owner treatment is Cypermethrin sold under the name "Demon WP" is just one that you might google some info.
    A big boot also works but some better people than me will chime in and give better info.
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    The lack of kinder words would be----clean up the mess and limit the brown recluse spider. Take away the ability for them to nest and vaccum quite often around the furniture, behind everything and in everything. I have had excellent results with the glue traps in the closets and behind those not so visited areas of the house. Cut the traps into long sliver strips and place them where you need them. I still spray around the baseboards,etc. with Demand SC.
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    Pyrethrum.. a nerve agent:)

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