what kills poison ivy on trees?

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    I have some trees with poison ivy growing upward. What will kill it with out harming tree and bark?
  2. RAlmaroad

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    Put on some rubber gloves; take a large pruning saw, knife, or ax and just cut out a piece of the vine as it clings to the tree trunk and it will die itself. Then after the wilting process spray Roundup on the leaves coming out of the ground. Roundup will also kill your grass around the base. You could lay down some plastic bags over the grass and then spray. Poison Ivy isn't that hard to kill by itself. It's when it gets into your grass that it becomes a problem.
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    perfect advice RA

    I had a bunch of trees in my wooded back yard with PI, and other vines, I just took a hatchet and hit all the vines and then did the roundup on the new sprouts as they came up.

    worked great.
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    Cut down the tree and plant a new one...:rolleyes:

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