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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tdman415, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. tdman415

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    I am mowing about 20 lawns from 1/4 to 1 1/4 acre i want to get them done very fast but get a really good look some of these lots have fences and i am concerned about how big of a deck i could fit. I also have another lawn that is about 10 acres of mowing and it is mostly flat. If u could please suggest a mower that could fit both or one for each. also how much do u think i should charge for 10 acres mostly flat very wealthy part of town thanx.
  2. pinnacle

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    I don't Know how big your gates are but if you could mow the smaller property's with a 52'' I would head in that direction. If you intend on getting more of these larger jobs I would go a 61'' or 72'' and get a WB 36'' or 42'' for your residentials. :)
  3. Keith

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    How many have fenced in areas? How big are the gates? How big and landscaped are the areas that are fenced in?

    How much other work is at the 10 acre property (as in trimming, edging, hedges, blowing drives and walks) ? I take it most of it is probably not landscaped and does not have a whole lot of obstacles in the main mowing area? How often will you be cutting it?
  4. fblandscape

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    Possibly look into a Walker. You can get a 72" deck for the big property, and a 42" deck or something along those lines for the gated yards.
  5. bastalker

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    yeah get a big one an a small one.;)
  6. 'Bout $900/cut. If it's all landscaped with the usual trimming & blowing etc. Half that if it's all open field.

    You must already have some smaller equipment for what you do now. You'll need to add something big, fast and durable for that 10 acres. Maybe a 60-72" ZTR with a liquid cooled engine.

  7. tdman415

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    i think the minimum gate size if going to be some where b tween 48-52 also the 10 acres does have some trees and a pool and there is blowing edging and weedeating included i was looking at a gravely wb for the small yards good or baD???
  8. ffemt1271

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    around here the big lco's run all 60'' ztr's
    then they have smaller walk behinds for backyards, gated areas etc..

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