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    i dont deal much with fertilizer and was wondering what kind of fertilizer you guys use that works best. im looking for a weed and feed type been using scotts weed and feed but just never seems to be getting rid of the weeds in my yard. looking to see what one has the best results for weeds and keeping it green. thanks
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    Without knowing what kind of grass you have, what kind of Scott's you've already put down, giving you a recommendation is very difficult.
    I going to assume that you have some type of fescue or bluegrass mix and your Scott's was a high Nitrogen (First number on the analysis on the bag); try this: Apply according to the spreader 1 50# lb bag of 15-0- 15 fertilizer or something fairly close over 5000 sq. ft. of lawn. This will be available at Lowes or Home Depot or better still at a Lawn and Garden Store. Then buy a size of "Fertilome" Weed Free Zone and apply with a garden hose applicator. Let the Garden Lawn Place guide you on the use and amount to use. I'd recommend the Gilmore.
    These are very basic things that will help you. There isn't any magic bullet from Scotts that will do what you need this time of year. Generally the pros put down a pre-emergent fertilizer that causes weed seed to die away after germination; then around Mid-May another addition of specialty fertilizer for your zone, another application of weed products and other applications to finish out the year. You might check with a pro in your area.
    Try the fertilizer and Fertilome Weed Free Zone hose end applicator and go from there.
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