What kind of filter do I need?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by northeast22, May 9, 2009.

  1. northeast22

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    My first time putting a fiberglass 200 gal pond in. The water gets very murky in about a week. Changing out the water each week is getting overwhelming. Any suggestions on what kind of a filter/pump I need to keep the water clean? My dog typically jumps into the pond when its hot! (Of course no fish in it)
  2. tadpole

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    Typically, a small Pond is much harder to maintain than a large. There is just not enough space in which to place aquatic plants, which are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance. That said, most any pressurized canister-type biological filter will keep the water clear and somewhat balanced. Purchase at least one size larger than is recommended for your size Pond and size your pump accordingly. You will still need to add as many aquatic plants as possible to prevent green water If you don't supply the plants, Nature will..... in the form of algae.
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    You could benefit from one of those new time release filters.... you set your kitchen timer for about two months and don't do anything, then see if your water looks better. Continually changing water sloooowwwwws the process of maturation for water.

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