What kind of filter do u use for your mower? Car Filter?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CutApproved, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. CutApproved

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    Let me know if anyone has done this, I also cut mfg filter open and the replacement filter,, they are EXACTLY the same filter.

    I went on the wixfilter site.

    Click on Filter Look UP
    Put in the Kaw or Kohler (what ever) MFG filter# under #2-Competitor Interchange

    Heres what you get,, it will give you their part# but it will also tell you what other vehichles also use this filter part#..
    For example mine also fits a toyota, nissan

    Search Results for 490652071
    Part Number Manufacturer WIX Part Number
    490652071 KAWASAKI 51394

    So instead of buying a filter from your dealer, you can go to Walmart and buy one for $2 or $3 bucks.
  2. Jman

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    I haven't seen Wix filters at walmart. Make sure you cut one of the walmart specials open and compare it to the wix. You will very likely be surprised what you find inside.
  3. steve45

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    I've cut a number of filters apart, but not mower filters. The Wal-Mart SuperTech filters look virtually identical to AC. Most look pretty similar except Fram. They look like crap! Cardboard endplates instead of metal. I don't use Fram anymore.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    My dealer said the only problems that you MAY run into, he didnt say that you would. On some car filters it takes X amount of oil pressure to open a valve and that a mower engine may not have that much pressure and it could starve the engine for oil or either bypass the filter. If the filter doesnt have a pressure valve or anti drain valve then maybe ok
  5. CutApproved

    CutApproved LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    I didn't mean to say that Walmart sells the Wix filter. The Fram filter is definatley a crappy filter. I've been using the "car filter" BUT keep in mind that this filter also applies to other lawn mowers, fork lifts, a lot of industrial equipment.

    The point I guess I was trying to make is that if you could buy the same filter (dimensions etc..) for $2 - $3 why don't we??

    You all posted some good comments but the thing about opening the valve or whatever it was called, I just don't see that being a problem.
    Anyone else ? ? ?
  6. sicklid

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    I went to my dealer to get a replacement filter for my 19hp Kawasaki and it was a Luber-Finer it cost 9.97 so I got one, a few days later I happened to be at Auto Zone and they have a filter called Valucraft for 1.99. I looked at it and thought it looked just like the dealer filter so I took it home and what do you know it is the exact same filter, same markings, cut them open and compared IDENTICAL the only difference is the one for 1.99 says product of USA and the dealers says Product of Mexico. I know where I will be getting filters from now on.
  7. lawnmaniac883

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    Umm, you cut apart a 10.00 filter? WHY?

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