What kind of hose nozzles?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by JimMarshall, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. JimMarshall

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    Getting tired of cheap, leaky plastic hose nozzles.... What are you using, and where are you getting them from? I went to the cheap ones because the nice ones were always coming up missing..... Just think I am going to start shooting people who take them and nip that in the bud.:hammerhead:
  2. weeze

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    yeah get the metal ones.
  3. Twinlakes

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    Nelson made/makes a firehouse hose type. It's black with a red handle and an infinite adjustable spray pattern.
    It's been dropped, thrown, stepped-on and best of all; laid in the sun for going on 5 yrs. now. Mainly, cause I can't get the dang thing off the hose!

    Here's a pic if your still following:

  4. Twinlakes

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    To date, no leaks either.

    It's probably been discontinued due to the lack of replacement part sales associated.

    Here's at an angle:

  5. redmax fan

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    ive got a half acre with a 40x90 garden at back of it to which im always dragging a hose to , i water solely with hose to save water so im using nozzles alot . ive broke a bunch of them that cant take the dropping and dragging wear and always end up back to the simple sturdy old brass ones -


  6. Twinlakes

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    The one you linked to on Amazon was referred too as a SOLID brass unit. They made a direct reference to it in the title.

    Buyer beware these days. Diligence is as easy as a magnet in your pocket. I.e. It looks like brass, but a magnet is sticking to it? Hmmm. Clad/coated?- not sure what the process is called. Magnets have never stuck to brass. It's not to say that an internal part or 2 isn't metal though. Costs just as much & lasts about a week!

    If in question, buy from a big box store & return if unhappy.
  7. Porcupine Lawn and Snow

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  8. JimMarshall

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    That looks NICE
  9. seaviewer

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    I've had good luck with standard brass nozzles that are two piece. The three piece nozzles will break. I pair the nozzle with a brass shutoff so I can adjust the pressure and quickly turn it off without having to spin the nozzle. With this method you have a wide variety of sprays and if you drop it on concrete nothing breaks.
  10. ANT1093

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