What kind of markup do you charge for Sprinkler Parts?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MowinginEureka, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. MowinginEureka

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    I have been purchasing my sprinkler parts through sprinklerwarehouse.com and simply using the "list price" as my price that I charge. It can be nearly double markup though, and on things like sprinkler controllers, that can be a 100$ of markup. What kind of prices/percentage do you guys charge on parts you warranty?
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    What did you say? Sorry I got lost in your sig
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    I believe a 100% ++ markup is fairly normal in most industries when the company is buying from a supplier . Other then the damn movie theaters-- there markup on food/drink is like 400,000%. Assholes!

    There are parts we lower the % if labor for this item takes a while to make up for it

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    My approach to markup is definitely not the industry norm but I rarely marked anything over 30% Why?
    !. because I was such a nut about upgrading.
    2. because I wanted to use the best stuff and didn't want price to stand in the way. This biz is no fun for me if I'm not using the cool stuff.
    3. because most were repeat customers so warranties were irrelevant. I rarely made a big deal about warranties. If they were good consistent customers I didn't charge for material on anything i had replace once already. If they were infrequent customers then I charged 30% on everything. No warranties included.
    4. Because I think the hourly rate is where the money needs to be made. plus you don't tax homeowners on labor in Texas in spite of Boots whining about it. When people see a big tax they flip. they don't mind paying you but to have a whopping govt. tax on top of that is a real killer.
  5. Wet_Boots

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    If I had to buy some minimum quantity of a part, in order to have it in hand when needed, that could raise the markup considerably.

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    Like a radius adjuster for a STL ball rotor that got lost in the grass because you didn't screw the cover cap on well?
  7. MowinginEureka

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    I typically do stock this particular controller to have on hand when needed, this particular time I had just exhausted my stock and had to re-order. So, thus far, no one seems surprised at 100% markup. So, maybe I'm in the range at least. Just wanted to be sure, I have thought of having my wife call some competitors posing as a customer to see if I'm competitive. Not try to shop my competitors prices or anything to lowball people, just to make sure I'm in the range. Keep the comments coming though, Im still intrigued to peoples thoughts on this.
  8. GreenI.A.

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    I don't show seperate materials & labor charges on my customers receipts, but when I'm figuring the price, I usually figure between 50%-100% markup plus my labor rate. Thats for service. For installs I figure the markup between 25%-50% depending on the product used. Like FIMCO said above, I would rather drop my markup some if doing so will alow me to use better quality materials, thus lowering the chance of me needing to go back for warenty issues
  9. AI Inc

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    100-450% ....
  10. zman9119

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    Anywhere from 3% to 1500% just depends

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