What kind of power will I be able to expect?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Setiferum, May 2, 2009.

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    What's their excuse? If the driver of a RHD vehicle does like we used to, you put the vehicle close to the edge of the road and let everyone else have the rest of the road. Same thing work with LHD vehicles in RHD counties. Or is it a passing problem?
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    I don't know but it is a safety issue I can't remember what it is. Anyhow in Quebec its already started and it will be nationwide(Canada). No vehical will be grandfathered either if you own a RHD vehical tough luck. It will have to be converted to LHD.
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    hi ,
    Pick the larger engine 4.3. Operated a 3.0 similar mitsubishi/Isuzu
    Remember 2 ton is not very much once a steel tipper body is installed
    Typically the only difference between 2-3-4 ton can possibly be only the rear springs

    Eg Factory delivered trucks to USA etc may be slightly different to trucks that r independantly imported when comparing the same year of make . Typically the japanese trucks for there local market have many options and improvements not seen till 3-5 years later in other countries .

    Parts sourcing can be a challenge as a result .

    The best small trucks although a little more expensive when talking japanese is Hino a step above Mitsubishi and Isuzu


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