What kind of push mower?

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    :usflag: ok to start out Im an active duty US Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca. On my off time which is usually just a few hours on week nights and then weekends and holidays I do lawn work for cash. The work i do is mainly maintenance stuff like cleaning flower beds and trimming hedges but i do mow a few lawns. From the time i was 18 until I joined the Marine Corps at 21 I owned a lawn care biz back home in Iowa until i hired a shaddy employee and got into some trouble with taxes. I sold off my accounts and my big equipment(2-60'' Lazers)but i kept my hand tools such as my trimmers, blowers, 48'' hydro walk behind, 36'' belt drive walk behind. Now i need a pushmower. at most i mow 4-5 lawns a week at a woping 500 to 1,000 sq ft per lawn(nothing like the 7,500 to 10,000 sq ft lawns back home). what mower would you guys go with a commercial toro or exmark 21'' or would you just go with a residential series toro 21''. all my other equipment is commercial: pack pack blower is redmax, trimmer is stihl, extended hedge trimmer is stihl. if you say i should go with a commercial grade push mower should i spend the money on the blade clutch model or not. i wish i could just bring my 48" or 36" out here but they are just entirely to big for the lawns out here. the difference in price i would be looking at is around $399 for a decent residential grade mower or $1000 for a commercial grade mower.
    thanks for any suggestions.:usflag: :gunsfirin
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    most people here will say go with the commercial. If you are really only doing a few lawns and dont plan on making this a buss. then I say save your money and get a cheaper mower. If you only do a few tiny lawns per week it will take forever to make up the difference in price and if it breaks down after a couple years(so what), buy another cheapo and you still havnt paid as much as a good comm. mower. Do you really want to mow lawns just to pay for the comm. mower????

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