What kind of push mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by osmann_lawn, Oct 10, 2011.

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    You'll want and need a self propel if your going to go 21. I wouldn't start off with a 21" but it's certainly doable. Look into a toro commercial self propel 21"


    I have the lawnboy version and my bro has the Toro, you should be able to get it for about 950.00. If you going to do this start off with dependable equipment. The self propel honda version you listed is a great mower too.

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    I use lawn boy self propelled 21" and yard machines 21"
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    If you have to stay under 800 I would go w/ the best one home depot sells. I really like the top of the line hrc216s but thats well over your price range. Would skip husky altogether.
    Heres the one at HD. You will love the controls...the engine and the trany are not the best compared to the HRCs (I have both) but none the less a good starter mower. I have one a little cheaper than it w/ the homeowner controls...needless to say it stays back at the barn 99.9% of the time. The trans will start to slip in several years but by then hopefully you can upgrade. It will pull itself but not as good as when it is new.
    *edit- the trans on this machine is hydro according to the honda site. I am guessing similar to the HRC but not 100% sure.
    Hope this helps...
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    How much do you guys even use a push mower? i only really use it on one lawn but i would like it for a back up in case i cant get zero turn this year.

    no to the husqvarnna?
  6. osmann_lawn

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    like my parents have had there craftsman push mower for 12 years? how long do they last for? and is the self propelled better?
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    There is no wrong answer, everybody has a different use for these smaller mowers. Somebody that uses these small push mowers extensively will need a commercial model, where someone else may get away with a cheaper one if it is not used very often.

    Myself, I got away from the higher priced self propelled mowers. I sold my Honda and snapper and just bought the lightest non self propelled mower I could find. But this mower sees very limited use except for a couple steep inclines and a few tight areas where a larger mower does not make sense. The cheaper and lighter mower is a lot easier to use for my application than my Honda which was too heavy and too hard to turn. On the days I do bring it, I just throw it in the bed of the truck so I don't have to fight with it all day on my trailer. It might get used on two or three yards a day on average.
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    It seems like everybody likes that Honda. It says no deck wash system. Is that a bad thing?
  10. osmann_lawn

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    Thanks guys for the info

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