What kind of shop do you have?


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Seymour Indiana
Well its become time to spend some money on a new shop. I have been looking at different property and its kinda crazy with the real estate market around here, everything is super high and I dont have the room to build here at the house. What kind of shop do you guys have? Is it at your house or ??


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I have a 20'W by 24' Deep with a 7.5'H by 16' overhead door. This will soon either be added on to in the rear or totally demoed and replaced with a 30x50 pole building. Right now its either my trailer or one of my trucks. Both dont fit. I want to be able to back straight in every night w/o unhitching, and close the door. In winter, trailer and mowing equipment contents go to my Fathers garage and both trucks can fit side by side with plows on.

Rental is an expense that I am happy to say I don't have, but a lot of guys rent out of the self storage places. Don't know the restrictions on haz-mat in those places though.



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I wish I had a shop, right now everything goes in the garage at night.


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I was fortunate enough to rent a house with a 30x40 shop in the back. I too have the problem with what goes in, I can bavk the trailer in but then can't get my truck in there. If I leave the truck out the cats get on it and leave their nasty paw prints all over it or the neigbors dog wizzes on the tires. I like to keep my truck clean so it's really a big toss up as to what goes in at night!!!!!!! We ain't had rain in forever so the equipment ain't hurt by stayin' out. If it does rain the equipment is in the shop. A tarp works just fine and the truck stays clean.



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I rent a 1/4 acre yard to store my equip. and there is a nice garage there that a carpenter rents out . The owner offered it to me for an extra 200/mth when i first rented but i passed. I think in the spring i'm going to ask him to give the carpenter the boot, sorry for him but bus. is bus.! In the meantime i'm still debating if i'm going to put a 2 car garage at my house yet or not.


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During the season, I keep all my weekly mowers on the trailer and keep them covered with a tarp. I keep everything else in a few small out buildings where I also store everything else for the winter. I use my garage attached to my house when I have to work on something in foul weather, etc...

I plan to build a 30 x 40 garage out back this next summer. It will have a 10 foot door on each side in the middle so I can drive straight through. The main drive side will have another 10 foot door on one end. The remaining one third will be framed for a door in the future if needed, but for now it will just be a shop area.

This new garage will also have a high pitched roof allowing for enough space above for 8' ceiling storage and a future one bedroom apartment. Figure I might need this someday for one of my boys or when my wife tells me to go sleep with my mowers!


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Flint, Michigan
I have a 24x36 garage out back behind my folks house. (It was built back when I still lived there.) It has an 8x7 roll up door and a service door in front, and a double wide pull open door on the side towards the rear. With the workbench and storage area and all though, I only have room to put the trailer in (comfortably). The truck gets parked in an enclosed carport next to it. I definitely want to build something here where I live after I get this house all done. I guess I can consider myself very fortunate.


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Central Florida
I have a 40'x20' building I rent. It ain't cheap, but it beats working on equipment in the yard. It has 120/240v, I have installed a bunch of lighting and some rafters for even more storage. At the lowest point the roof is 12 feet, and it has large 10 foot doors at each end. You walk out the back door and there are men's and women's restrooms right there. It's in a modern building complex and they have only one restriction...no welding. That sucks (considering the amount of welding I could do), but that is pretty much the only restriction. The owners don't care what time you are there. If I could have afforded it, the one next to me was vacated recently and was 40'x40'.

It's also a great place to work on anything including my Mustangs... one is residing in there right now :)

I also have a garage at the house I use, everything gets put up when we come in. After thousands of $ in stuff being stolen over the years, I don't leave it out.


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dirty jersey
next to my house i had built a 30-44-12 foot high pole barn with 2 12-10 over head doors,1 service door <b>no windows just a peep whole to keep the muches out.</b>