What Kind of socks do you wear????


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Seymour Indiana
Really guys I was heading to the house getting ready to go in as everyday for years taking the boots of...and brushing the socks off...when I got to thinking..their has to be something that grass comes off of easier then cotton socks..we wear shorts and hiking boats and get a lot of grass on our socks...Help!!! And I know I win stupid question of the year....Thanks!


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Spring Hill, FL
ThorLo's are great but a tad on the expensive side. I try to use only acrylic socks. They stay soft wash after wash and they don't seem to hold the grass stains as much as cotton. They also seem cooler.<p>Ed


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I wear the cheapest socks i can find because after wearing them one day there perminitly green! Most of the grass dosnt even come of the socks just by throwing them in the washer....


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I started wearing dark dress socks.It may look a little strange, but it beats going through tons of white socks year end and year out.


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I get lo-cut white socks. Yes they turn green. So what? I designate 7-8 pr. for work, so that I have some that stay white for out in public, shopping, etc. (off the clock use)<br>As long as I'm working they'll get green at the tops again- that's what they're for. Never had anyone complain yet :)<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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Bad socks that keep falling down in my boots. I have to try some of those high $$ socks. I like grass sticking to them, its a little green reminder to everyone in the house that I am making money.

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