what kind of sunglasses do you wear?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by recycledsole, Aug 17, 2014.

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    I had a pair of serengetti drivers for 7 yrs. Always kept them in a hard case. Case got destroyed , glasses were junk within a month.
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    You can buy prescription sunglasses (polarized or not) online at places like EyeBuy Direct and Zenni optical. If you don't mind shopping for a bargain model you can get prescription polarized sunglasses with anti-scratch coating for about $50-$60.

    Once I discovered this, I don't do the over the glasses sunglasses any more.
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    Polaroids. Really takes the strain off your eyes from the glare of the sun. When I put on just regular sunglasses you can really tell a huge difference on how much the Polaroids protect your eyes
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    Oakley Flacks or these floating Gill sunglasses I have.....

    they look cool also.....
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    I just tried out some Pyramex glasses/goggles whole head banded clip ons with foam around the lenses which makes the glasses sit right against your face. While I like the light weight and comfort of them, when I starting sweating the condensation made the lenses fog up as there was no real air circulation. So I'm still in the hunt for the best eye wear that especially protects the eyes when working/looking down and am thinking that it probably is something with maybe a rubber lining rather than foam and that which can allow some air flow to come and go. These Pyramex were definitely ok if I didn't have to pull them off my face so much to get the fog to go down.
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    I never spend more than $20 on glasses. They always end up broken or lost...
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