What kind of tool does a t242 take to adjust the carb?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by updara, Oct 21, 2013.

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    My carb is on the fritz again! Stupid "rob shop" where i live wants to keep charging me 40 bucks a pop every time to adjust it. I've had it for about 5 years now, and it goes outta whack every now and then. I've searched online and stuff, but their is so many carb tools, it's hard to tell just by looking which one, it's got like the "pacman" "D style" then it goes into MM and such it's to confusing. It all starts the same way at least twice a year. it will run good under idle, and up around 3/4 throttle, anything past that, instead of the motor speeding up, it goes down and starts to cut out like it's dying. If you hold it wide opening (past 3/4) it will sound like it's starving for fuel, if you continue to hold it wide up, and flip the choke up to half, then back down to off choke, it will speed up like it should, then die back down. In short, it runs with more power and faster speed during 3/4th throttle, than it does wide open. If you adjust it, it fixes it for about a year, maybe 8 months, then same problem. i met another guy who has the same weedeater and same trouble. he even went as far as to buy a new carb, same deal. My neighbor has a husqvarna, and his does the same thing. The guy i talked to who has the same weedeater as me, said it's not shindaiwa's fault, it's the EPA's fault and walbro, etc.

    So if anyone has a t242, and has bought the tool off of a website, if you'd kindly link up the website you bought it from i'd greatly appreciate it! Or if you know what "size" it is, or if you have a spare you'd sale, let me know. It's getting old to pay 40 bucks just to have it adjusted. I've still got a few more customers who like to have their grass mowed still around this time of the year, so for now since season is almost over, instead of paying for it, i'm just gonna gas half-3/4th throttle just to mow!
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    Amazon and e-Bay both have that OEM carb. for just under $26 including shipping ... it's hardly worth putting in a rebuild kit for that price. The replacement carbs look like they have no EPA required limiters on the adjustment screws, so all you need is a small flat bladed screwdriver.

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    Don't need to rebuild. Get the carb adjust tool. Takes about 20 seconds to get it running well again. It will cost you about $15 to get. Look on line
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    Yes, I have that tool. About three times a year the carb will go out of adjustment, I don't know why, but I use that tool and just turn it a tad and the engine is new again.
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    I just spent some time trying to find that tool and nobody has it available any more. I would try going to the dealer and telling them to get it for you.
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    The T242 I got this past spring has no adjustments on it other than idle speed. I wish I could fatten the mixture up just a bit since the cat is no longer an issue.
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    Yeah it's called I get one of those 10 cent electrical connectors and clamp a vise grip on the one end and slip it on there, granted the connector is good for little else after but for the cost and time savings I found that little instructional video on youtube
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    Maybe you should take the carb off and clean it once in awhile......

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