What kind of weed is this?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pottstim, Sep 10, 2000.

  1. pottstim

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    I've got a question that I hope some of you guys may be able to answer. Ok, here goes: Here in Tennesse, it's been pretty dry the past couple of months, and the lack of rain has taken quite a toll on the lawns here. However, there is some type of weed that seems to flourish, while the grass is burning up. It grows to be pretty tall and has a semi-thick green stem. The weed also has what kind of looks like the top of a Cat Tail, only it's green and not brown. They seem to like to grow near just off of driveways and sidewalks in the yards that i mow, but there are a few scattered around in the middle of the yards. A friend of mine works at a golf course in grounds maintenance, and he says they are having a problem with it over there, too. He says he thinks it's called GOOSE GRASS, but he's not sure. This junk is about the only thing that seems to be growing, with the exception of the grass over the leach beds of the septic tanks. Any of you guys know what this stuff is?

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    Does it look like this? If so it's Yellow Foxtail.

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    Thanks for posting. That is very close to the weed i've been seeing. The one thing that makes me not so sure that that's the one, is the tail is more green than yellow.
    I'm still learning my types of grasses and weeds, so i'll have to take one more look at it...I'll go out in the yard tuesday and pick one..bring it in the house and compare it to your picture. Can't do it tomorrow cause i gotta pull a 16 or more hour shift at my full time job. I'll report back soon and let you know for sure..should be tues. afternoon.

    Tim :)
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    go to your lesco dealer. they will give you a weed and grass identification poster. also they have one on turf diseases. both are very nice.

  5. bob

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    There is a green foxtail also. good book to get Weeds of the Northeast.
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    It sounds to me like Bahia. Does the top have a V and does the V turn black.
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    It's common name is Dalis Grass. You can control it but if it is near by (in another yard) it will seed again in your yard. Kirby, that is close but Dalis Grass does not have the "fluffy" seed heads.

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    ??? I didn't say it was Dalis Grass. I said Yellow (or Green) Foxtail, which fit the description. :)


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