What kind of wood do you re deck your trailers with?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Venturewest, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Tizzy

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    landscape trailers still have original pressure treated decking on it. but the equipment trailers have rough cut oak 2X10 treated with creosote oil. will do the same to the landscape trailers when the boards go.
  2. Barngirl

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    Just make sure you oil 'em boards up... tongue oil or linseed oil does the job.
  3. meets1

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    I haven't replaced anything yet...6 trailers and all wood. I spray my decking twice a year with clear wood sealer....flood product from paint store. Pump sprayer and were good to go.
  4. Fender997

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    So 2x6, pressure treated and do I need to weather coat it? And with what. Appreciate any answers.
  5. Dawson

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    Yes....and any outdoor wood preservative applied a couple times a year should make it last several decades. A solid color stain with uv protection is best imo. My trailer deck is still going strong at 16 years now and i have not been very good about keeping it protected....maybe coated it 5 or 6 times.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    Out of the first page (from 2008) this is the only one that makes sense.

    I'd never buy a trailer with pressure treated deck.
  7. RussellB

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    Ok I'll admit I had no idea what tongue oil is. Lol Had to look it up. It's actually Tung oil.
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  8. JagT20N

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    and do not do the big mistake of pressure washing it , it will destroy the preservatives in it and water log it , once treated leave it alone and then do it the following year . On the semi trailers we redeck Apitong got supper expensive as its a rainforest wood , now they are using a bamboo product that holds up real well and resonably priced and will last 10 years with no treatments. you can get either at a semi trailer shop its 5/4 wood ( 1.25 " thick ) and tongue and groove and stronger than heck .. ( you have to predrill holes for screws and it chews up carbide saw blades ) a apitong deck will last 20 plus years without any preservatiaves in michigan winters
    we replace it mostly because of the mechanical damage too it ( dragging stuff , splintering from nailing , forklifts with too much weight in one spot or a crossmember failed and leaves a unsupported spot ect ect . ) some times you can lucky and find a trailer shop that sells used apitong flooring .

    , on the farm we used to put used motor oil mixed with a little diesel on the hay rack decks , we would do it in the middle of summer and let them sit for 2-3 weeks and let them dry ( can't do this with a work trailer ) . some of them racks were 40-50 years old the wood on them mostly was replaced because it broke from weight .
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  9. TrainingWheels

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    Tug oil sorry....I had to chuckle. Then, I realized I can't read....Had to to chuckle again.

    @JagT20N had no idea what Apitong decking is...Just looked it up. You were not kidding it is expensive.....looks good though.

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  10. JagT20N

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    used it alot on teak on boats .. have to be carefull with linseed as it can start a fire while curing ( ithas been known to spontaniously combust ) my brothers wood floored car trailer is white oak , very expensive and we painted the underside as thats were most of the failure begins as its often forgot about and is in water spray ..
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