what kinda phone plan?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ACA L&L, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. ACA L&L

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    We used nextel for the talk to talk feature. I had the blackberry(man that was sweet) we have since switched to sprint(same company but its not?) My wife gets our plan for $15 a phone line hers is free with unlimited everything, which i use becuz i need more minutes. Anyway i was curious as to what everyone else uses to keep in touch with there crew leaders/office:usflag:. Walkie talkie or cell phone or enlighten me?
  2. Tagg

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    Sounds pretty good, How about more info on your plan. I have 5 Sprint phones and pay about 160.00/mo.with full text, 2100 minutes and full internet on 3 units.
  3. jphag

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    t-mobile. 3 phones 2000 anytime min plus unlimited text and all calls are free after 9 pm. 120.00 plus taxes
  4. paydex

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    I hope the phones are under the business name :).

    if not you can do a "transfer of responsibility".

    very helpful in getting your business credit, and for better deals in some cases, like corporate discounts!
  5. grass-scapes

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    I have 2 corporate responsible lines with Nextel. both unlimited incoming. One is 39.00 month, other is 89.00 month. add 5 bucks for 7 pm calling on mine plus taxes and fees and taxes and fees.

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