What landscape design software do you use and why?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Barrett Landscaping, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. oiboy626

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    Straight up AutoCAD for all the line work and construction plans and the conceptual designs on SketchUp
  2. AAAKKjason

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    I use a combination of Photoshop, Sketch Up and Blender. This particular rendering was done 100% with Photoshop CC using the 3D engine. I can give other examples of renderings if you would like of pavers, landscaping, patios etc. Let me know. I find that the more photo realistic the image is, the easier it is for the customer to visualize your design/idea. Also great to to upsell for higher margin/more expensive material by showing two options.
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  3. filc.ca

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    I was brought up on CAD and Dynascape, but I am currently using Landscape Architect 2016 from Idea Spectrum. Its got a small learning curve, the graphics are quite good, it has a very large plant library, it does real-time 3D walkthroughs, if your computer has the power.. it even works with the Occulus Rift virtual headset if you want to show your client a fully immersive preview! The cost is reasonable also.. I think I paid $450 CDN. One of my favorite features is that I am able to go to site ans take a couple basic measurements, ie. length of driveway, one side of the house, side yard measurement.. then I can go on to google earth, zoom in on their property, take a snip of the view, import it as an overlay in the program, then set the scale using a known distance, and BOOM... the dimensions will be accurate, and the program will calculate square footage and everything.

    landscape 3.JPG

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  4. cotyledon

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    I also like rtla. The only down side for me is the "plan" view is a little bland. You can def get some good 3D renderings tho.
  5. cotyledon

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    IMG_2123.JPG I have a rtla rendering on my spring flyer.
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  6. Full Circle Designs

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    After reading through these comments over the past few months and trialing a few programs I am using RTLA, I did find you can change the graphics to b&w and use the plan view more as a CAD base and color render it in marker and pencil after printing. I also have a copy of vector works that I am still using my training wheels for.
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