what landscape design software would you buy??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Earthworks Landscaping, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Our hardscaping sales have risen dramatically over the last couple years and we are looking for a good landscaping program for designs/presentation. We are currently using Googe Sketch-Up. The program is limited in what we can do and it takes a while to make a sketch.

    Is there a program out there that you all use that might be easier to use with good results? What do you guys use for hardscapes......
  2. Dreams To Designs

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    Check with your paver supplier or manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer design software for free or a reasonable price. They are quite limited, but do a good job with imaging to present hardscape sales.

    If you looking for full design software and have the skills and talents to design, you have quite a selection to choose from. Determine the need and the payoff the software will enable you to achieve, and then match your criteria. Many use a CAD program and Sketch-up quite successfully. Plan software like Dynascape is great but lacks the 3D imaging available with Pro Landscape. A program like Pro Landscape will enable you to use a CAD plan mode, imaging software for presentations and both modes have 3D flyover capabilities. Pro Landscape also includes a proposal mode for easy estimating as well. One of the design software also allows for GPS mapping for drawing base plans.

  3. katherine23

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    im looking for the same and i use the same harscape !! so please if you already have your answer please share it with me thanks a lot bye :)

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    I would not worry about the lack of 3D in Dynascape. I saw a demo at MANTS and the output was fabulous. You can put together a nice presentation package for your clients with it. Pro Landscape was at MANTS also and the 3D stuff looked cartoony. Plus you have to actually do the layout twice, once in plan view then again in section.
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    prolandscape they are a sponsor on the top left side of screen, i bought mine years ago, the 3d design before and after is akin to the car salesman that wants you to drive and feel the car, its easier to sell if you can be excited. I found that if they can see it they will buy it. One thing i never leave the before and after with them unless i have been paid in full for my design

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