What Licenses and insurances in Louisiana?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by EagleOne, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. EagleOne

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    Great site and great reading. I am starting a lawn care business in Louisiana and was wondering what licenses I would need just to do homes.
  2. LandscapePro

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    Hey EagleOne,

    Check with city hall about what you'll need as far as the City/Parish are concerned.

    With regard to the State :
    You can not use the word(s) Landscape / Landscaping in your business name without first having a Landscape Contractor's License. Also, you can't use Irrigation without first having a Louisiana Irrigation Contractor's License.

    There is no license required by the State IF you're going to mow, weed eat, edge, blow, mulch, trim hedges, and go under the direction and responsibility of the owner of a property. ( Read Homeowner)

    You Can Not perform the above activities for Any commercial establishment without having a Horticulturist's License.

    You Can Not under Any circumstance "plant" or "install" so much as a begonia without having a Landscape Contractor's License.

    And.....last but not least... You Can Not adjust, repair, install, tinker with, gaze lovingly at, or install a sprinkler system without first having the *Brand Spankin' New*... Louisiana Irrigation Contractor's License.

    The preceeding announcment was brought to you by Bob Odom the most powerful man In Louisiana........:gunsfirin

    La. Landscape Contractor #2576
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  3. mslawn

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    All of what Landscapepro said above ^^^^ and you may also want to think about getting a LA pesticide applicators license in the ornamental and turf category. Makes the maintenance end a little easier and profitable when you can add in a few chemicals. All the above licenses and study material can be obtained thru LA dept of Ag.
  4. EagleOne

    EagleOne LawnSite Member
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    I guess I will start out just mowing till I can get enough to get the other licenses. Now I just have to find some good used equipment or new.

  5. ryno23

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    where are you located, i'm also in north louisiana.
  6. EagleOne

    EagleOne LawnSite Member
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    Bossier City
  7. EagleOne

    EagleOne LawnSite Member
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    For Horticulturist's License, Landscape Contractor's License and and the one for fertilizer, where or what do I study?

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