What licenses are required for landscape installation


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I am just finding out informtion. I am already a partner in a lawn maintence service. I would like to become a full service landscape company eventually. I'm 23 years old and I am going to college for an A.S. degree in Agri business/Ornemantal Horticulture also. Do you have to be a Landscape Architech or have some other qualifications to be able to do landscape installation and such. I live in Florida but would like replys from all over the US.


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Hello Mikeslawn - <p>Do you guys do any pesticide/fertilizer applications for your company? I don't know Florida law, but if you do, you probably should already have a few licenses. In Wisconsin, you need a nursery dealer's license to sell/install plants. You need licenses for pesticides. You need a reseller's permit (or retailer's license). You don't need to be an LA to design/install scapes here, but you can't call yourself an LA without the certification. No licenses needed to build patios, retaining walls, but you may need building permits (and every municipality is different). I'm sure I'm forgetting many things...<p>Your best bet would probably be to seek out your local landscaping association and apply for membership - they will probably be much more help than I could ever be. Check with your state, too. They will probably have some nice literature to send you that tells what you need to do business there.


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In Illinois, No License for installation or landscaping. No you don't have to be a LA. Don't call your self a LA unless you have the Paper to back you up(there are some that never went to college but took the exam, grandfathered in) As to working, in some towns you need to be licensed and bonded. If you do residential work you need a tax # from the state (gov needs that sales tax)<p>----------<br>paul<br>


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Alberta, Canada
Yes I'm responding to an old thread.

In Alberta: No provincial license required. Counties may vary, but so far there is no county requirement. Most cities require a business license, most villages do not.

No nursery license required.

Some pesticides require a provincial pesticide applicators license. Another bunch require a license if you are going to apply them on some one else's land.

A third bunch recommend training for risk reduction.

Check out the penalties for non-compliance in whatever jurisdiction you are in, and follow up by checking how well they enforce them. In the early years when every nickle counts, you may be better off ignoring the licensing, and pay your penalty when caught.

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No licenses here in MN. If you sell nursery stock to consumers you need a Nursery license.