What makes a partnership successful?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Stihl036pro, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Stihl036pro

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    What makes a partnership successful? and why do most partnerships fail? Does anyone out there care to comment. Thank you in advance.
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  2. JB1

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    same thing as a marriage.
  3. punt66

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    Dont do it. One will always work harder then the other. The only partnerships i have seen make it is because one partner owns more then 50%. Say 60 - 40. Then he has more say on which direction things go.
  4. White Gardens

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    Don't do it and you'll be successful.
  5. Fvstringpicker

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    Actually that's not true, unless its in a partnership agreement.
  6. Cajun Cleanin'

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    The death of one of the partners.
  7. Stihl036pro

    Stihl036pro LawnSite Member
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    I know its a hard topic to discuss with out the facts and plan in front of you. There has to be some LCO's that are successful with partnerships. I am talking about big companies of 1 million dollars or more. Is there anyone in a partnership with revenue exceeding one million. Any Lco at that level thinks differently than the smaller LCO Companies. Thanks
  8. punt66

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    find one and prove us wrong. There is a reason companies have 1 ceo.
  9. wbw

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    Partnerships are successful when the partners have complimentary skills that are appreciated by each other and both are devoted to the business.

    These otherwise successful partnerships fail when, after getting beyond the start-up phase and into the success phase of their business, the partners realize that they could hire someone to do what their partner does for much less expense than their partner cost.

    They also fail due to the clashing of egos.
  10. AI Inc

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    I had a partner for my first 12 yrs. Worked well as I was in charge of residental service and installs and he worked the commercial end.

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