What Makes You a Professional?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Smallaxe, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Smallaxe

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    A lot of us started out in High School and found that we enjoyed doing it... Therefore became a Pro...

    What makes us qualified to be called a Pro? :)
  2. White Gardens

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    Tough Question, and a loaded one at that.

    Education, and a good amount of years of experience as a start. After that I let my customers label me as a Pro.

    I never considered myself a "Pro" until people either said A.) "I'm glad I called you as you are a pro at what you do over my last guy", or B.) "You have so much knowledge about everything in the landscape compared to my last guy."

    So in a nutshell, for the longest time I just considered myself educated and to do the most professional work I could and just let my customers label me as a professional.

    At that point, I figured that was good enough to finally have the confidence to call myself a professional. But, each situation is different for everyone, so everyone becomes a Pro in different ways I guess.

  3. grassman177

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    i dont think i could have said it this well, and agree. education and then experience after that. then, your peers will label you as a pro or a hack, cuz in the end it depends on what you do with knowledge and experience.
  4. Patriot Services

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    Educated, ethical, legal and honest.:usflag:

    Doing what you say and when you say your going to do it.:usflag:
  5. I've been out of the business for some time but I think a good formula for professionalism is knowledge, dedication, hard work, and the results you see for your efforts. The results speak loud and clear in defining a person being a professional.
  6. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I would say, my uniform makes me professional, the way I conduct business with my customers, the work I do, the experience I have, at least that's what my customers say, and even people I just do estimates for who can't afford my services or don't want to pay for them, still say i'm very professional.
  7. americanlawn

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    Ditto with all. Here's a few I thought of:

    1) Always respect the customer & their property
    2) Always do a thorough job, and never cut corners
    3) Provide advice/suggestions when needed (even though much of the time, the homeowner does what he wants)
    4) Use clean equipment, uniforms, trucks, etc
    5) Know how to correctly identify problems and how to address them.
    6) Stay current regarding product knowledge, equipment, and materials. Never use products that have been untested (sorry guys)
    7) Treat employees with the utmost respect, and provide training, etc as needed.
    8) Run a profit....without this, you won't have to worry about being a professional. :laugh:

    If "word of mouth" is not the main source of new customers, one may have a problem. my 2 cents

    p.s. Perhaps the most important....HAVE FUN AT YOUR JOB. :waving:
  8. Smallaxe

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    Pretty good list from everyone...

    I might specifically add, continuing education and putting it into everyday practices as you test the success or failure of new ideas...

    And... being able to explain to the clients in common sense language the details and the interconnectedness of any question they might have... whether they understand it or not...
  9. dboyd351

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    Good thread.

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