What mixture do you use for 2,4-D herbicide?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sage55, May 15, 2012.

  1. sage55

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    And thus the reason I came here to ask for advice - duh...

    By the way I was able to find a label online located here. :p
  2. Landgreen

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    I wish you good luck on asking for advice here in the future. Youre gonna need it...
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  3. sage55

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    LoL, only if you're involved. ;)
  4. Think Green

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    The best place to start is here on the web with the label to the product you are using. Not all 2-4D products are the same. Each is concentrated for different turfgrass situations so please don't get confused. Ag. 2-4D and homeowner 2-4D is way different and even so for us pro sprayers. The concentrations are sizable.

    Get a label and if you don't understand............get back with us.!!
  5. kirk1701

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    Think Green is correct and I have to add if you don't yet know how to read the label to find the correct mixture you sure don't know about drift.

    Whatever you do, don't spray this stuff when there is any wind you'll kill anything else around your place not to mention your neighbors.
  6. kirk1701

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    I think I posted a bit pre maturely, didn't see there was a second page [​IMG]

    I see your from central KY? I feel for yu :cry:

    Southern States :laugh:
    If they knew which way was up they'd be dangerous

    All I'm going to say from here is [​IMG]

    Pay attention to Think Green before you get into a heap of trouble and kill more then you want killed.
  7. Think Green

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    The first thing that all consumers need to understand is to inspect the container before purchase unless it was purchased online.
    I take off the cap and see if the foil protector is intact. The second thing is to see if the label is intact. If there is no label then someone at the store has removed it prior to purchase and this is dangerous to the consumer. To me it is no different than buying a unlabeled can of vegetables from the store. It is unlawful to sell a product without its appropriate label. We pro's have to carry the labels in our vehicles along with MSDS sheets for accidents. I feel that consumers are being misled into purchasing things that can be destructive without pertinent information.
    Just the other day........at ACE Hardware, I noticed a product in their pesticide department. It is a product that CLEARLY states to be purchased by certified and licensed professionals only. Now, I won't get into the product because I purchased 5 bottles of this stuff..............40.00 each. for 9 ounces of product each. This stuff is for insects inside and outside.
    My point is in retail sales, staff is often uneducated to direct consumers and the management is helpless in education also. The products are sent by corporate initiatives to lure the consumer. I have read on this site of big suppliers not providing adequate labeling for professional products also. I am saddened to know that the labels are becoming more and more unclear to read .............especially, when the manufacturer's are printing the information illegibly. How often has someone looked at the label and can't read the blurred or smeared print because it is printed on wild colored backgrounds.??
    Consumer's are being lured by beautifully colored bottles and fancy glittery labels.
  8. nik

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    Some states enforce the the sales to licensed folks only language. Other states it's only restricted if the label actually says so.

    One other thing with any 2,4-D. Some of you are masters at getting it to stay put in hot weather. Sage, I would avoid using it on "hot" days. That can be as low as 80˚F. And avoid any mornings with no winds when inversions may be around. Even amine can get up and go as volatiles and wreck havoc down the road. We got way too many grape vineyards around here that make using any 2,4-D exciting. Wiping out someone's veggie garden is one thing, taking out some acreage of wine grapes is a whole other deal.
  9. kirk1701

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    You make a good point, so much so that as soon as my grape vines started to bud this year the 2,4 D went in the closet.

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