What "model" JD 48" walk-behind do I have?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 80sDweeb, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. 80sDweeb

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    I just bought an old JD 48" walk-behind, this is the one with the floating deck, the frame sort of "pivots" in the middle, back is green, front is yellow, with a little crank at the FRONT of the deck frame (not on the top center of the deck frame, like the later ones.) 14 hp Kawasaki, pull start, 5 speed w/reverse. It is missing the serial number plate (the previous owner says he'll probably find it - I took his email so I can ask about that later...) From looking at the available information on the John Deere technical publications site, I believe I have what they refer to there as:

    Mowers 38", 48" and 54" Commercial Walk-Behind

    I also believe it's in the lower serial number range (SN 010001-030000) based on the deck height adjustment style.

    However, I can't figure out how to refer to this mower on the JD parts website. I put in the line above, which I've found listed as "Model" in a lot of places, and the search comes up with nothing. I also saw a similar, but later serial number range, model on eBay with a serial plate picture, and that serial plate says under it "14 HP COMM MOW" (there's a separate serial and "model" number for the deck, indicating "48 COMM W-B".) I input these into the Model field on the Deere parts site, and again come up with nothing.

    What identifier can I put in to get the parts listings for my mower? I believe I find it when I put in "48", in a long list of items. The listing reads "2316 - 38-Inch, 48-Inch and 54-Inch Commercial Walk-Behind Mower". Strangely, if I enter just part of that string (like 48-inch or 2316) I get no results. Please tell me what I should enter as the "Model"!

    I'd really like to find operator and maintenance manuals for this old thing, and I'd like to be sure I'm getting the right ones, so the right model numbers would be great. I have a couple old JD service CDs, but didn't find this model there.

    It starts and runs great so far, except for the almost-dead belt on the deck (missing big chunks, jumps around like crazy.) The belt broke the day he went to sell it to me (he's moving and wanted to mow his lawn one last time.) So he found an OLD belt to put on it just to show me that it works. Anyway, this machine has a lot of hours and years on it, and will need parts and some welding (sooner rather than later.) I'll just be using it to mow my yard and field, and the path way out back to the pond, and maybe back into the brush to create a clearing we can use for a shooting range probably a couple acres. So it won't get a lot of hours, but it will be worked.

    I'd appreciate any tips about what maintenance items I should pay attention to right away - for example, I noticed the front wheel swivels don't have grease fittings, should they? Also, there's no grease fitting for the frame "pivot point". It does have greaseable spindles, WITH fittings...

    Anyway, I was hoping to find an old eXmark or Toro, but when I got a chance at this for $270 I grabbed it (budget is VERY tight...) I know I'll have to put some money in it - belt and tires, for starters, as well as fixing a crack in the deck and some worn deck-height parts, but I believe I'll get my money out of it.

    Any thoughts or opinions on this old machine are welcome - positive or negative, you won't hurt my feelings if you reveal it doesn't give a perfect cut or doesn't stripe well.

    Scott in Penfield NY
  2. Lawn Pawn

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    Had one of those.... loved it!

    Always just heard them called the old commercial yellow deck walk behind.
  3. 1993lx172

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    Those "Old Yellows" were the forerunner of Deere's 7 Iron decks. The deck on my Lx 172 leaves a finish that's as good or close to many commercial units.
  4. tallgrassguy

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    Hi Scott
    I just bought a mower this week that looks just like yours except that the mechanism for raising the deck is in a different position. If you are interested I will take a photo and post it.

    The model label says unit#GX1320x051756. I am told this is a model GX1320 and is 1996 vintage. I am also looking for an owners manual and would be willing to get one and make a copy for you and split the cost. Interested?
    Let me know.

    I used the mower for the first time on wet grass yesterday evening and was delighted with its performance but it did give me a workout. In third speed it had me moving fast to keep up and running fast to reverse direction. I cranked the deck all the way up because of the rough terrain and fear of rocks..............Guy
  5. 80sDweeb

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    I got hopeful about the GX1320 model thing, but putting that into the "model" field in the JD Parts Catalog brings up no results. I can always find it by searching for 48 and scrolling down. The trick is to remember that it's the one with 38", 48", and 54", as there are others with 36" or 32".

    I also remember that I saw the J. Thomas website refers to these mowers as "Crank Deck".
  6. 80sDweeb

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    I just bought an owners manual (be sure to get one that says 38", 48", and 54" on it) on eBay for under $10, yours takes a different one. Mine is the "Serial No. 010001 -", and yours looks to be the "Serial No. 050001 -" model.

    I got a belt from my local JD dealer for $30, which is better than I expected. Mowed our OVERGROWN field with it, so happy!

    I still haven't got any correct answer about what "model" goes in the model search field to bring this machine up on the JD Part Catalog site. I'm cutting with my $300 mower, though, and that's awesome!
  7. dishboy

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    Can you post close ups of the deck pivot and the deck hangers please.
  8. yardmanlee

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    has 2 of the same but 17 hps the website does not carry the # for those for some reason but you can still get parts through the JD dealer, and I might add these are great mowers I still use mine once in a while, they are my back ups
  9. 80sDweeb

    80sDweeb LawnSite Member
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    I don't have close-up pics right now, but here's a pic of a similar early model, except it has electric start. I can see why they made the later style deck crank the way it is, as my early style has a lot of wear in the deck lift mechanism and framework.

  10. yardmanlee

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    my deck adjustment is diffrent than that one mines a newer model than yours

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