What mower blades do you all like?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Pittsburgh Panther, Jun 14, 2005.

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    I have a CT and used Gator mulching blades the first 15 hrs. I am know trying the X caliber mulching blades from eXmark. The gator blades did a real good job. The only draw back was when I would make 3 point turn there would be grass left on the top of the lawn. This wasn't a problem because I always circle the property at the end anyway. The x caliber blades the verdict is still out.

    What do you all think?
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    Pittsburgh Panther:

    I know this post is over a year old, but how's it going with the Excaliber blades?

    I recently purchased and installed a mulch kit for my Simplicity zero turn. The kit did not include any blades and I'm unhappy with the mulching action so far. I thought about trying Gator blades. But first, I called my dealer. They offered to sell me Exmark mulching blades at cost to see if they worked any better.

    What do you think? Should I get the Gator blades or save money and get the Exmark blades at the dealer?
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    I ran Gators single stacked and Deere single's and saw no real difference. I've heard many say gators come into their own on leaves, but...

    Doubles did make a difference. If "doubles" isn't clear, do a seach, its well explained in lots of places. Short version: two sets of blades, don't forget to consider pilot hole size needed. On my deere I needed a different shaft hole size for the bottom blade..

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