What mower did you start with?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by brandman25, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. JCLawn and more

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    first mower was a free craftsman push mower seen on my new 18ft trailer, then the first purchase was a yardman edger, first ztr was a 42inch toro time cutter with a bad engine, first commercial mower was a 61inch woods 6215 with a kubota diesel, and the first new commercial purchases were a kubota zd326 and a 18ft trailer. Also ill throw in my first snow plow.

    first mowers.jpg

    first big ztr.jpg

    first new mower.jpg

    first snow plow.jpg
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  2. Mowingman

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    Started with a 1953 Huffy, 18" push mower, a set of hand shears for trimming, and a broom.The mower has a 3.5hp B&S engine. I still have the mower, and it still runs.
  3. PLS-Tx

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    That sounds just like the way I started. Except my push mower was new from Wal-Mart, about $100.
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  4. macgyver_GA

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    Started out with a 21" MTD high wheeled with self propelled function disabled. I got it for free from my Ex girlfriend's parents (they bought it for $5 at a yard sale) because it didn't run. I put a brand new $30 carb on it, new spark plug, and changed the oil. Fired right up on the first or second pull from then on. Had a ryobi expand it straight shaft string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and edger. Also had a Homelite handheld blower. This was all stuff I was using on my personal yard.


    3 years ago I bought a used 36" Snapper Pro gear drive walk behind for $1,000. That purchase really increased my profitability compared to a 21". I Still use it today, but I'm planning on buying a new one (36" Snapper pro hydro SW20 model) in the spring. For the first year, I used ramps and drove it up into the back of my truck. I bought a 5x8 trailer beginning last year.

    Here's the current snapper

    I'm only a part time operation and have been slowly expanding customers and equipment over the years. All of my equipment was bought with cash. I sold the MTD 21" last month to my old roomate for $20 since he just bought a house and was looking for a cheap push mower to mow his lawn. I sold the old Ryobi at a yard sale last weekend for $20 (Still ran fine). I picked up a 21" Snapper hi-vac the other day off a guy on craiglist just to have a 21"er in case I need it. I rarely, if ever use a 21. The 36 will go most places and whatever it doesn't get can be cut with a string trimmer.
  5. jsslawncare

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    Same for me, but I didn't have the broom. And the mower was in my neighbors yardsale. It didn't sale so she said I could have it if I cut her grass one time.

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    Old ransome with a tweaked deck.
    Cut like a champ.

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    craftsman push mower and a a troybuilt EZ attachment system and bought the blower attachment for it i would mow 1/4 acre yard for $15.00 to just mow and $20.00 for mow edge and trim
  8. retrodog

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    i will never forget that day, I thought my wife was gonna actually kill me. She woke up and said "go get a nice mower mow a few yards with it so we don't have to push mow anymore". Went to John Deere shop as my buddy ran it and looked at the $2000 to $3000 mowers. When he asked me what I was gonna use it for he said "You will tear these up quick, you need this one". 757 for like $8000. I see everyone here using Grasshopper so I told him for that much I will just get what the guys use. I went to the Hopper place and asked for the nicest mower they had, it was put on my trailer and I came home with a payment...1.9%. My wife said "Why did you buy a $6000 mower?", I laughed and told her a little more than double, for a split moment I think I saw actual fire blazing from her eyeballs...lol, mower was more than the truck I was driving..lol. First job $700 a week, gravy from there.... no more pushing.
  9. WillsLandscape

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    I'm new to the business, starting out this year in my neighborhood with:

    1990 Toro 26624 21'' Walk-Behind Mower (Suzuki Engine, always starts on first pull)
    Mid-2000s Snapper Walk-Behind Mower (5 HP Honda GXV-160)
    2012 Echo PB-250
    2012 Stihl FS-90R

    I hope to either get my brother's old Scag SW that he doesn't use anymore since he stopped cutting grass or the old Snapper RER 33'' that we cut Dad's acreage at his office with - I would love either one.
  10. rm25x

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    I started with a Snapper 48" WB that I picked up for $200. Put another $200 into it getting it up to snuff. Was a great mower, just wish it had a floating deck.

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