what mower REALLY Has the best cut quality Cut quality

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lawnpro@home, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. lawnpro@home

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    hello, im looking for the mower brand that makes the best decks, with the best cut quality possible; when it comes to cut quality, grass striping and even cut arent just it, because a wright stander can do that but is terrible in tall grass, i need one that clumps minimally and distribute clippings evenly; ive done lots of research, and here is a few mower brands that seem to be good, but i need to ask the pros:

    1 scag
    2 john deere
    3 exmark
    4 walker
    5 ferris
    6 bobcat
    7 grasshopper

    i only included walker for its high cut quality, but i don't need a dedicated bagger, and they take up too much space .
    also, would you recommend a 61" stander or sit down? i feel the stander is more compact and better stability, but would the zero turn finish faster?

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    Search function.^^^^^^
  3. That Guy Gary

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    I'm going with 8. knowledgeable operator.
  4. dieselss

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  5. ShowCaseLawnCare

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    Yard machine mowers top notch
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  6. rippinryno

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    i don't see wright or hustler on there.

    this question is like asking what tires give you the best traction. They're all good, as long as you're sticking with a commercial unit, you'll find that they all have their ups and downs.

    keep sharp blades and a level deck and all of these will cut very well.

    Some day deere goes through heavy stuff better and that exmark clumps, but i've yet to experience that any worse than any other mower.
  7. sjessen

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    This is a really hard question to answer without knowing your type of grass and your definition of "best cut."
  8. hackitdown

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    Bag, discharge, or mulch? High speed cuts, or slow and easy? North or South? Wet conditions or dry?

    There is no single deck that is best.

    I discharge in the Northeast, and never cut when wet. I like Scag.
  9. hal

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    Bush hog has a nice cut for what it does, tall field to short, cuts saplings pretty good, tall weeds too...
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  10. rippinryno

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    A reel mower, such as a greens mower or a nice fairway mower with 5 reel boxes would probably take the cut as far as "best cut" goes.
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