What mower should I buy next summer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cdsang, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, new here. I have many hobbies and keep picking up new ones. During the summer I work at a golf course and after I starting getting on driving mowers, I have been really been wanting one of my own. So far I have been on about 3 John Deeres,2 Toros, 1 Kubota, and 1 Husqvarna. My favorite so far has been John Deere and Kubota. Doing reseach and driving around my area, I have dealers for Bush Hog, eXmark,Hustler,Husqvarna Kubota, John Deere, Toro, Walker and Wright for mowers and STIHL for hand type equipment. I have tested out some John Deere garden tractors on dealer driveway only and seem to like them. But after I contined my reserch finding out it may not do what I am looking for as well as I would like. I am looking at spending $10,000 US for just the mower and get a collector later. My main purpose for buying a mower is to pick up leaves, lots and lots of leaves. I have like 15 trees and only about 1 or 2 are evergreen. Not exactly the most important part, but I would like the machine to be able to push leaves and snow. We useally don't get more then 6 inches here. If it doesn't do that, its no big deal. Tractor and Zero turn styles are fine but it seems front mowers are out of my price range. I also plan on buying this mid summer. I am trying to see how much I need and see how much to start saving now to buy the mower later. I am not sure if I plan on makeing a business out of this. I just simply want a mower that pickes up leaves well, cuts them small, and will last a long time. Without testing, it seem right now I am eyeing the Kubota ZD21F. O and don't laught, but its a .6 ache aera, but I could easly get 2 feet of leaves if left alone. My 2.5 bushel bag mower(John Deere JX 75) when used once a week has to be dumped 10 times or more each time I use it. I have a night time job so it makes it hard to do it during the day. I have been thinking about what to do and its just getting to me. Sorry for the long post. thank you in advance.

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    all you need is a snapper hi vac rider. there is nothing better for leaf cleanup. bag or mulch -these do it best for leaves. as for snow -forget it. disk drive
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    walker collect leaves and has a plow and snowblower attachement.
    Quality mower with tons of oppertunity

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