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what mower to get

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I am looking into starting a mowing service and would like some insight on the does and don't. I have read a lot of opinions on commercial vs residential 21" mowers. I am leaning towards the lighter models. I have read some good things about craftsman mowers but that was a consumer report. I would like to get a good bag mower as a plan on mostly bag. Also a weedeater I am looking at a still. any kind of info would be great. will be doing about 10 lawns a week. Thanks
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The toro I had sucked and then died! I went to husqvarna I've got two now and they are a great mower. They run a bout 300. The husqvarna 326l trimmer can't be better, even the sthl rep said so. I also had four of the 223 from lowes and put about 1000 hours on them before they quit! And my husqvarna dealer is great!!
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What is the model number of the mower you're talking about?
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