What mower to start up with?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Micheal2008, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Micheal2008

    Micheal2008 LawnSite Member
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    Its probaly been asked a dozen or more times but im wondering what me and bro should start up with? It looks like for sure going to be a WB type for now.. Ive been leaning towards exmark seem to read pretty decent things about them on this site from owners.

    Thinking of going used for now , was wondering what to look for when purchasing a used mower? I found this one on craiglist around my area..


    Also not sure how much these mowers are new any places online that sell them around what they should be sold for new? not overpriced? Thanks micheal..
  2. subs1000w

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    thats acually the exact same mower i started with and still have it for a backup but unless it has very low hours its only worth about 1000-1200 but if i were you i would try to get a hydro, i just bought almost that exact same mower in june but with hydro and ecs controls local on ebay for 2100 and its been great so far very little problems also you should be able to pick up a good used 32-36 for around 1000 which if you have any gates will take care of those belt drives fine for the smaller mowers but hydro is much nicer and more productive and not much more $$$ when buying used

    when buying used just see if it starts easy and drive it around alittle if it looks feels and sounds solid it should be good but looks are not every thing a new looking machine could be a lemon where as a dirty old looking machine if mantained properly could be golden and you get them cheaper
  3. Green Team Landscaping

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    Since you're from ATL this probably wont effect you as much as it does up here, but around this time or soon to be time(winter), people sell thir usedmowers fora lot less then at the beginning of the summer. And if I were you I wouldnt spend $1,600 on your 1st mower. I think you guys can find cheaper, and spend that extra $ on advertising and weed whackers and any other important tools.
  4. Micheal2008

    Micheal2008 LawnSite Member
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    Im above atlanta by like 2 1/2 hours.. So how much would u spend around on a first mower? Found these two on local hunting site..



    But hydro is better? and how to adjust the cut height is that a big issua i mean do i need something that i can adjust fast?

    Also do u remeber the guy u bought yours from off ebay i was checking it out and there is a guy that sells alot of exmark mowers on there and has 100% feedback.
  5. Micheal2008

    Micheal2008 LawnSite Member
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    As far as advertising I know how to use microsoft office pretty well im taking a class on it as we speak, I can make my own flyers, could probaly make own bussiness cards also..
  6. BigGreen1

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    from Ohio
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    The second mower on the Georgia site would be a great starter mower. Less scalping due to width, able to go thru most gates, and the price is right.

  7. Micheal2008

    Micheal2008 LawnSite Member
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    I was private messaging him earlier about i asked what lowest he would go on it he said $850 firm on it. And suppose to be sending me recent pics and his feedback is 100% out of 39 on that site so he probaly isnt going to try to sell sell something that is junk and claim it is good as he says it is... It seems like a decent deal to me but what do i know im new to this bussiness :)

    Im here to learn :)
  8. Green Team Landscaping

    Green Team Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Personally, I think you could spend no more than $750 and get a great mower of the same quality. Seriously, if you kep looking the good deals are out there. When i started out I got a z-turn for $750. Sure it's not the prettiest, but it works, and it's paid for itself. Thats the other thing you should think about. Before you buy a mower look at the price and ask yourself "how long will it take me for this mower to pay for itself?". Quality is also important, and I'm not saying buy a total POS mower. I just think you can get a good mower for less. I really hope that helps you, and doesnt make you want to buy a piece of crap mower. And if you ever aren't sure, ask the guys on here. They know what they're talking about. Trust me. they've helped me so much you wouldnt believe. Theres a lot ofgood guys on here.
  9. Green Team Landscaping

    Green Team Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just looked at the mowers you posted recently, and go with the second one. That 1st guy didn't take care of his mower, and if he's looking to sell it rather than fix it, then he obviously doesn't care about it that much. I mn look at all of the dust that thing had on it. The last thing you want your 1st mower to be is a problem. $1,000 is too high(IMO) for a mower like that. Mower #2 is looking good. I think you should seriously take that mower into consideration. Gate's wont ever be a problem for you.
  10. Micheal2008

    Micheal2008 LawnSite Member
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    Yeah He suppose to get me some new pics of it then might go check it out.. So far $850 is about the lowest one ive ran across so far, that is by exmark anyways..


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