what mulching blades you Southern Boys using

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jvanvliet, May 10, 2010.

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    Got a new (to me) ExMark 60" deck 27 HP Kohler commander, yada yada 746 hrs from private owner who cut his yard with it... $2500 just to brag. But that's not my question. My 52" has a mulching kit, slower on the cut, but cleaner and I love it. This one doesn't have one but cuts at the speed of light, which I really like also. Problem is the discharge is heavy and I need to swap out whith some Top O TheLine mulching blades.

    I heard Gators were excellent, but would like a consensus from you Dixie cutters since we cut similar environmemts. Mostly St. Augustine, some Bahia, Bermuda and Zoyesa and crap of unknown variety... fescues, reyes, bluegrasses (weeds) on the lawns of the geniuses who think overseeding is an appropriate therapy for St.Augustine killed off by grubs, mole crickets, fungi and other neglect.

    Also, have a quick shute what do you think of adding to the 60"?

    Anyhoo... don't wish to experiment if I don't have to; just as soon learn from your mistakes & experience as to making my own
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    Gator blades will give you good results, seem to take abuse, and are a bit cheaper than "factory" mulching blades. I would run a full mulching kit instead of a chute blocker. You'll get better results. Fl guys will benefit from Gator blades b/c the "fins" allow the sand to slip through without wearing the blades out as fast.
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