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What needs to be covered in a contract?

S&S Outdoor Services

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Burnsville, MN
I have been getting into some pretty serious bids/ proposals and I need to start having these people sign contracts so I don't screw myself. I'm not a law expert and haven't really dealt with this kind of stuff before so my question is... what needs to be on the contract? I imagine I would need one type of contract for my lawn/ snow accounts and something else for the one time landscaping projects. If anyone has a template they use, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance - Sam


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nc foothills
Google lawncaresucess and start there. If you are serious about getting serious.


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you want to make sure you cover all the : we do this "

however, what a contract does NOT say is the KEY.

we will NOT provide this or that.

we useually word it: any thing NOT covered in this contract will be an added charge.

send me your email address and I'll send ya one

Big C

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Gonzales, La.
I am in the process or rewritting our maintenance contracts and would love to see how yours differs from mine and changes to make my contracts more solid.
When you rewrite your contracts..do you let a lawyer look it over before using it?....Just want to know??


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Yes, it is money well spent. The contract is a binding agreement between your company and the client. Although i try to keep all my contracts in simple english, I still have a lawyer review. It is money well spent, specially if they dont pay and you have to use the legal system. Imagine if Mr Jones gets away from paying his bill because he found a loophole in my contract or wrong wording..etc.