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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by trimz, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. trimz

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    After you design your site how do get a domain name with the e-mail ex.(trimz.com)(trimz@trimz.com)
  2. raltech

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    If you have a site designed, you need to arrange for hosting so the pages are available to any visitors. The domain name is just an "english" address that is used to find your site. Names can be reserved on a first-come annual basis from one of many registrar services and their resellers. More general info about domain names is listed at: http://www.raltechnologies.com/domains/aboutdomains.html

    After you have a domain name reserved, many of the companies will offer you a limited hosting plan that lets you use it for email. There are literally thousands of hosting services you can use for your site, some free, some not worth using, and some very expensive. Many times you get what you pay for so think about what your needs are (reliability and service/help are the main areas of variation). Others posts in threads on this board by other web site consultants have similar comments.

    So the way to get the email address @ yourname is to have a hosting plan that lets you create email addresses. Then you need to set your domain name "nameservers" to point to that hosting service, and in about 24 hours your site is available for web pages and email. Look carefully to see that your hosting plan offers POP email and a SMTP server (so you can send outgoing email from your address). I also recommend a webmail option since many services offer this now and it is convenient when you are using a strange computer.

    Obviously I have personal preferences in these services but you can find hundreds of choices thru the search engines. Each service should have specific help instructions for creating email accounts.
  3. Turboguy

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    The info raltech gave you was very good and totally correct on how it all works. There are tons of hosting companies. My particular favorite is GoDaddy. You can visit thier site at www.godaddy.com. They have a blank space where you can type in the name of the website you are interested in to see if it is available. I checked the one you mentioned and it is taken in the .com version, perhaps you have already reserved it. (it will also let you look up who has it, I did not check that. You can get on a wait list for it. There are other versions of that name available such as .ws .biz .us it will list these. They also have very afforable hosting packages. There are lots more and you can find them by doing a search. I just thought you might like godaddy. I have about 20 urls through them and they are very good.
  4. CentralMassWeb

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    that domain is taken http://www.trimz.com

    Try trimx.net or something else relevant to your business.

    If you need some inexpensive hosting...let me know.
  5. NNJLandman

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    try dotearth.com they have the cheapest domain names i have seen. Its like $20 bucks for two years. Check em out. If you need anymore help feel free to email me or pm me.
  6. CentralMassWeb

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  7. Team Gopher

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    Hi Trimz,

    When you are thinking of a domain name for your company, here is something to keep in mind. You can type in the name www.yourlawncompanyname.com into your browser, see that there is no website for it and think that the domain is available. That may not be the case. What you need to do is check and see if the domain you want is already registered. Go to a site such as http://www.register.com/ and do a search to see if your website domain is available. If it is available then you can register it. If not, come up with another name or change the extension from .com to something else. Although .com is preferred.

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