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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by GMUGNIER, Jan 3, 2006.


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    Calling the power of the lawnsite forum!! Hey guys I thought ya'll were supposed to be BoBcat techies!!! Any and all help would be appreciated related to my previous posting as listed below:

    I own a Cat 287B MTL and have bought a Bobcat boxblade attachment with the laser option, and the electric cord that comes with the attachment is obviously for the bobcat brand of machine with the 7 pins - well the CAT has 8 pins and I was wondering If anyone knew who made a converter for this problem? I know I can put a different electric harness on, but I am in need of the Cat harness as I own several CAT attachments as well - what I really need Is a adapter - All feedback will be appreciated.


  2. Tigerotor77W

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    We actually do have a Bobcat guru or two... I'm not either of them, but I'm sure one of them will find this thread sooner or later... good luck. :)
  3. Squizzy246B

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    I'm pretty sure somebody has posted on this before...have you tried a search?. Other than that its not so hard. All you need is a new plug to put on the harness and match the cat one. Then you need a wiring diagram to see how the Cat is wired (mine is shown in the operator manual) and the diagram for the blade and fit the new plug.

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    No it is a little more complex than that - the Bobcat connector has data ported, and combined with the voltage.
  5. Tigerotor77W

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    I acknowledge that I am posting a "competitive" web site here, but it is not a Green Industry site. Therefore, I am not knowingly breaking any rules.

    GMugnier, you may want to try www.skidsteerforum.com ; there is a very significant Bobcat following on that board that may be able to help you as well.
  6. dccarling

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    The 8 pin plug that fits your machine can be purchased very reasonably from Ladd Industries in OH. Part number KI HD46-18-8SN is a kit containing 2 plugs all the pins and a removal tool for around 50 bucks. Just do a web search that's how I found them, their phone no. (800) 223-1236.


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    Boy it sure took long enough to figure this crap out - But I did - I have the wiring schematic and a working prototype if anyone is interested in a dongle for the CAT that will allow use of the bobcat attachments.
  8. janb

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    I could use that information, in the distant future (when I upgrade from BC > CAT and retain my attachments

  9. Craftybigdog

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    The Bobcat 7 pin connector is very complicated basically from what I have been told is that the new computer on Bobcat talks to the computer on the attachment. I know cause I had to get a 14 pin added.

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