What oil do you use?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CoupesCuts, Mar 1, 2010.

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    I can't tell you whether it safe is to use 10w40 in your hydro system or not but I can tell you what I do.

    I have a Dixie Chopper. When this mower was purchased it was recommended that you use Dixie Chopper's proprietary oil VTC. Then Dixie decided that they like Lucas 15/40 High TBN Truck oil. Now Dixie appears to be having a spat of some sort with Lucas so who knows what the oil of choice will be tomorrow. That said, I use Mobil 1 15w50 in my Dixie and a whole lot of other people are using it too.

    The issue of using the wrong weight oil comes into play when the hydro system is cold. The oil doesn't flow as well when it's cold. They size the hydro filters to match the oil.

    As long as you stick to a synthetic that is right around the same range as the original you should be fine.
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    Same Here......Works for me.. Is there any other oil???
  3. Amsoil small engine oil for the mower and Amsoil Saber for any 2 stroke equipment I have.

    This thread is a prime example of why we need a sticky or forum subsection that points to previously talked about topics such as oils, trimmer line, etc.
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    AMSOIL - Been using it for over 20 years in boats, Harleys, tractors, generators, handhelds, mowers with cheap Briggs, and all of my autos. 1986 Ford Diesel - over 286,000 miles (most of it pulling a gooseneck when I was farming) and only replaced the injection pump @126,000 and one rocker arm that apparently had a soft spot @ 200,000 miles. It was still running and not burning oil when I sold it. 1989 Dodge Cummins diesel that had 89,000 on it when I purchased, and then switched it over to Amsoil (and their Dual-remote Oil filter system) and sold it to a young rodeo fella when it had over 389,000 miles on it (half of them pulling a goose-neck horse trailer). I only replaced the turbo on this truck at around 300,000 miles, with no other type of internal engine repairs or oil consumption. A 1973 Boston Whaler with a 1982 70 hp Johnson (bought used in 1996) that I ran at least twice weekly for four years, and then sold and was still easy to start and ran like a dream. My current boat, which is a 2000 Pathfinder 1810 with a Yamaha 150 VMAX (2-cycle),has been ran on Amsoil since after the break in period. On two cycles, you will immediately notice a tremendous reduction in smoke. They also sell a waterproof grease that is great on your boat trailer bearings and is the only grease that I use anymore for anything. In the above mentioned road vehicles I would change the filter only at 5000 miles and then change the oil at 10,000 miles. Google their website (www.amsoil.com) and check out all of their products, including their outstanding filters. Lots of stuff these days isn't anything more than "snake oil", but Amsoil products work like no other that I have personally tried. You can become an Authorized Independent Dealer for a $25.00/year fee and purchase directly from the factory with quite a savings. It costs more than conventional on a per unit basis, but I'm convinced it saves a person considerably both monetarily (in repairs & time lost) and with headaches in the long run. And no, I don't make money selling this stuff (I've been an Independent Dealer since I discovered their products), but I do sell a lot of it to my friends at my delivered cost. I will be changing over to Amsoil in my new Bad Boy ZTR after break in.

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