What or how are you guys expecting payment from customers???

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Gemini sealcoat, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Gemini sealcoat

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    What is the best way you have Decided works best to except form of payment after each job? Cash, check, square, what? Just trying to make life easier for me.

    I'm going to be telling customers payment is due upon completion. My last employer I worked for-for awhile sealcoating would let customers wait almost a month, some a little longer before he had them pay. Then after them waiting that long some wouldn't even bother to pay or didn't want to. I thought this was the dumbest idea ever, and this was coming from a well known franchise owner. He always ran into problems and sometimes going to court to get his payment.

    So after seeing what he's been through, job won't be performed until I know for sure they will pay at the end of the job, anybody else do the same?
  2. platinumservice

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    For my lawns i send out a monthly invoice. Trying to collect from people can be time consuming in itself.
    If im doing any side work all give him a invoice and expect to be paid on the spot with a check or cash or i give him a couple weeks to mail it. Any really big jobs i have i like to get paid in portions that way i dont feel like i might get screwed. If your gonna have help and start pocketing cash your gonna start wonder where all your moneys going.
  3. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I just received my PayPal reader for my smart phone and plan to use it primarily for one-time jobs like apps for other than regular customers. It has a 2.7% fee per transaction, so pretty reasonable. For my regulars, I just invoice monthly and they send me a check.
  4. ddlandscaping

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    I sent a bill at the end of the month for lawn service, but for seal coating after the job is completed, usually payment is by check.
  5. MiscCleanUpCrew

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  6. southerntide

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    Customers here pay after job completion without even asking just southern thing I guess lol
  7. clydebusa

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    I usually mow 4 times and invoice. Big jobs are invoice during and completion. New customers big jobs have a down payment to start.
  8. easy-lift guy

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    Seasonal work or one off work due upon completion. Year round accounts all due 1st of the month in advance.
    easy-lift guy

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