What order did you purchase your equipment in?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Drafto, Feb 20, 2006.

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    You are probably right for small compactors (less than 250 lbs) for your own use. We regularly run a Wacker plate (800lbs) for 15-20 hrs a week. They break, and they are considered reliable by the rental guys. The 1600lb Dyna-pack we use is worse. If you are using yourself for a few hours a week and its a platey with no forward reverse hydraulics it will go for years.
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    Order? IMO...truck(s) and trailer first, then small tools (incl. compactor, saw, level, etc...), then excavation machinery. Wheeled buggy, followed by Mini-x, followed by skid-steer. That's for a company strictly doing hardscapes.

    If you're like me, and do a lot of maintenance (including snow plowing) your order of purchase not only won't be in that order - it'll also be short a few items. I own the SS, and the trucks and trailers, but rent the other stuff as req'd...even the compactor and saw. Reason? Most of my equip money is tied up in maintenance equipment, and that's where most of my bread is buttered.

    If I were strictly hardscaping... I'd go in the order I listed. BTW, the rational for that particular order is to put the NEEDED items first, followed by the WANTED items next, 'cause you can get by with rentals for the latter items...some of which are big-dollar pieces that you'll need the jobs to support the payments.
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    someonne asked a question about hand controls. I know Takeuchi has hand controls on their big track machines. I have used the cat w/ the "pilot control" and I like it alot better than the standard Bobcat controls. I have big feet and it is hard for me to get fine control with my feet in most machines. they get caught up on the sides and front and throw off my rythym when operating it.
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    Bill - Fear not my friend for I am a huge proponent of the laser, but IMO for grading a patio or walkway, there is certainly not a need for a $20K leveling attachment for your machine. In more advanced cases....absolutely! I believe this thread is based on order of buying machines (more or less for beginners), so JMO, a SS is way more accurate and efficient for excavating a flat patio, walkway, or pool deck! Again, this is just my opinion based on 10 years of digging with both machines. JMO!:headphones:


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    The lazer basically makes a person who does not know anything about grading, a person who can do it just as well as manually. I never would have beleived it until I saw it for myself. I'm with you though, eyeball the site, yer good to go.
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    I don't wish to hijack this thread, but I just couldn't resist making this comment.
    I dug my patios and walkways for years with a skidsteer, I thought it was the cats ass, til I bought a mini ex. Let me tell you there is NO comparing the two. The mini ex, will save you time and money, your base is level and there is no disturbing the ground. I use it with my mini dumpster on tracks. Perfect combo.
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    Mini-dumpster? Could you elaborate on that please.

  8. zedosix

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    They are called a carrier. It is a large wheel barrow of the sorts on tracks. It holds about 1000lbs of material. 32" wide, has a honda motor and a hydraulic dump on it. I will try and dig up a pic of it.
  9. Drafto

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    Who makes them and where can I look at one? By the way, are you anywhere near Perth?

  10. zedosix

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    I am about 50 miles from perth Ontario. Here is a pic of my unit.

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