What order did you purchase your equipment in?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Drafto, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Drafto

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    Bill - I am suprised you didn't elaborate on your laser guided bottle opener that replaced the dog you trained to open your Coronas for you:) . By the way, what is payback on that thing compared to the price of dog food and vet visits?

  2. etwman

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    1. Wet MK Gas Brick table saw, since retired because my guys hate to use it. Every thing is done with chop saws.
    2. Skid loader, I will second Chris on this, if you're a good skidloader operator you can dig out anything with a skid steer. Take it up a notch and run a track skid loader and life is even better. Mini x's have their place but I bet 85% of our patios are dug out with a SS. I'm not looking to open a can of worms here. We started renting track ASV's to try them out, I was pretty hesitant at first but I think we are going to pick one up here shortly. They are a remarkable machine, more compact than the competitor, and a huge lifting capacity.
    3. (3) TS-400's cut off saws, two 12" and one 14"
    4. (2) Topcon self-leveling lazers.
    5. Plate tamper Wacker 1550.
    6. Just picked up our second Wacker 3545A. And let me tell you they will hammer down like nothing out there. Reversible, weighs about 700 lbs, and compaction force of around 8,500 lbs. You can easiliy slam 6" lifts with them, granted you'll wake the dead, but it'll tamp. Granted they are $8000 machines but if you watch ebay you can get them reasonably. Ours both came from there, perfect shape, and we don't have more than $5k in both.
    7. I think we picked up both big Freightliners before we really got into hardscape full tilt, we used them for landscape primarily. They are a pretty big asset with being able to move 18,000 lbs of material around.
  3. mrusk

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    Way to drag up an old post!

    ETW- Now that you are deep in to hard scapes, are you thinking up adding a tri axle or a tandem?
  4. etwman

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    No, it'll be a while, if we ever go that route. Registration, insurance, etc. is pretty expensive on those bigger trucks and anything over 9 tons we'll get trucked in by a supplier. 9 tons is a great break even point. We can move 6 skids of pavers legally, etc. We can order 24 tons of stone by a supplier in their tri-axle use 15 tons of stone and haul out the remaining 9 tons if need be...on to another job. Like I said its a good number....

    We are looking at another Freightliner chassis with the intention of adding a third larger truck. This will probably come about by late this spring sometime.
  5. GroundScapesIncorporated

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    What ASV are you looking into? Possibly the SR-80?
  6. etwman

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    Yes the SR-80 is the one we are looking at.

    STONE SCAPES LawnSite Member
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    Why did you get rid of the L-35. I have one just wondering

    STONE SCAPES LawnSite Member
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    Why did you get rid of the L-35. I have one just wondering
  9. greenbottle27

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    Here's our general order for equipment purchases... and yes - the digital camera is that far down on the bottom!

    If we could have changed on thing - we would have bought the trailer YEARS ago. It pains me to think of all the money we lost having the boys load/unload the truck everyday. Water over the dam, right?!

    NewHolland ss = first big machine purchase
    Ford and International stake bodies
    Chevy dump bodies
    plate tampers / wet saw
    plows/salt spreaders
    F150 (don't ask)
    HP laptop / digital camera
    2007 Chevy ext cab dsl p/u with quick release western mount plow = first purchase of '07 :)
  10. tthomass

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    After hearing enough of "you don't need a truck, just get it delivered" I got one anyway.......didn't take long to realize that doesn't work. Granted it was side work at my sister.

    Full time in business, June 2006.

    Sept-Dec 2005
    * 2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 6.0L 4.10 Ext cab long bed 40k, used ($16,500+tax)
    * STIHL cut saw, 14" (rebuilt $500)
    * STIHL BR600 blower, new ($444)
    * Laser tansit (Christmas)
    *Misc hand tools ($1,000)

    Jan-Dec 2006
    * 2001 10,000 GVW Down Easter dump trailer 6x10, used ($3,000 in May)
    * 2006 7,000 GVW V-nose enclosed trailer 7x16, new ($4,500 in Sept)
    * STIHL MS250 saw, tillers (used but like new), hand tools etc ($1500)
    * STIHL BR600 #2, new ($444)
    * 2002 International 4300 truck 25,500 GVW 128k & being equiped with SNG + extras $51,000 (purchased December, still under construction)
    * Air compressor (Christmas)

    Jan+ 2007
    * Air nailer, gun ($160.....gotta love a good sale)
    * Maddock/Pic with fiberglass handle, TODAY!! haha

    I really don't know what to expect this year but very much looking forward to it. Come a long way quickly. After the truck is paid for I will be saving and saving to grow the bank account. Skid steer (prefer track) likely to be next but I'm not purchasing one just because the truck is paid and I have money to spend. Debating staying in this area and therefore need to save $$ in plans to purchase property and relocate my business south.

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