What order did you purchase your equipment in?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Drafto, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. tthomass

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    * Dell latop + Quickbooks Premier ($1100).........December
  2. mrusk

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    I started in business in 2003. Not actually in business then, but i started to buy equipment. Bought a new 60in lazer liquid cooled. They were running 0 0 0 for a year. So i had my dad buy it and i sold my 4 wheeler and came up with the rest of the money to pay it off in full. Don't know what i was thinking. I was 17 and was tired of cutting my parents 3 acers with the john deere.

    Mowed a couple yards the next year while working with a general contractor full time.

    Spring of 05 its time to get serious about business since i have a 9k dollor mower. Went and bought a new 05 ram 2500 cummins and a 18 foot haulmark enclosed trailer. Also added a wacker 1550, target wet saw, and a husky demo saw at the same time.

    Now i am a couple steps away from being broke, but i get some nice jobs and finish out the year ok.

    Spring 2006 i get tired of renting machines. I go buy a Caterpillar 246b and a 12k gvw trailer. I also added a topcon laser at this time. I bought alot of misc hand tools that year.

    Now Feb, 07. Got a new dell laptop coming so i can run my design program at peoples houses. Fuggin $2200 since i need a good unit with top of the line video card and schit.

    Whats next? I got 2 workhorses lined up for this year.

    I really need to buy a single axle dump this year. Would also like to pick up a cheap tacoma for running errands and estimates!

  3. RockSet N' Grade

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    Hey Uniscaper....what kind of laser system did you get for your mini-x? Topcon 5 and where did you find the best price? I've been looking and they run about 10k and that doesn't include install.
  4. Armstrong

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    I always invest on larger machines.
  5. neversatisfiedj

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    1.3/4 ton diesel pick up
    2.Wacker 1550 plate tamper
    3.7 Ton Dump trailer
    4.Ts 400 Cut off saw
    5.'04 Cat 232 SS
    6.Laser level

    More Sh(& to buy this year.
  6. kreft

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    1- john deere 48'' ride on tractor
    2-6 X 12 trailer
    3-chevy 1500

    had that for about 6 yrs with a couple hand helds here and their.

    then 2004

    4-exmark lazer z 60'', viking 52''

    some where in between john deere 4400 loader and equipment trailer with attachments

    then 2006-07

    5-another lazer z triton 60''
    6-metro 21''
    7-new hand helds
    8-chevy 5500 "the beast"
    9-haulmark 24' enclosed trailer
    10-bri-mar 18' deck-over trailer
    11-new hollannd L185 with bucket, forks, backhoe
    12-wp 1550- plate tamper

    yea 2007 was a good year!

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