what order of application, fert or lime first??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by novatoasv, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. novatoasv

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    i will be aerateing, then thaching my 1/2 acre yard. i want to fertlize, add peletized lime and re-seed the yard. in which order do i do this??? is there any time needed between applications and what about watering.?? i would like a green yard for this summer. thanks in advance. blake
  2. TSM

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    here are my thoughts (you're bound to get others that may differ)

    I'd run a core aerator over lawn twice

    broadcast seed

    thatch (though I'm not a fan of so called de-thatching machines, in this case it may make your chor a little easier on your arms) the de-thatching machine will break up the 'cores' your aeration will pull up. This will help in making good seed- to- soil contact.

    water daily- keep seed bed moist, this might mean a light watering a couple of times per day. You dont need a 'deep' watering at this point, you just need to keep the seed moist for good germination. Once germinated and you have mowed the new law at least 2 times, then change your watering to provide a 'deep' watering (deep meaning soil is moist to a 6 inch depth) you wont have to do this daily, but once or twice per week depending on weather conditions

    lime- if possible a simple pH test will tell you how much you need or do what ever the generic rate is for your area.

    fertilizer- you could apply a started fert at time of seeding, personally I like to fertilize when I begin to see new seedlings poking their head out of the soil. (lime and fert can be applied at the same time)

    sharpen your mower blade! set the mower to mow at a height that is recommended for the type of seed you sow.(i assume you'll be using a warm season seed, I'm a cool season guy so i wont make any seed recommedations, I'll leave that for someone who is in your warm season area)

    thats it

    well, a good maintenance program to help keep control over weeds and insects and feed the lawn should also be on your mind. you don't want to go through the seeding process season after season.

    have fun
  3. novatoasv

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    hey thanks for the advice. my warmer lawn has alot of ground moss growing
    on it so i was told by my neighbors that lime will help and resolve that problem.
    i have also been told that weeds will grow, more rapidly in a high acidic soil. does any one know if this is true.??? thanks in advance, again.
  4. Mike@Haines

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    Certain types of weeds do prefer acidic soil, but lime won't do anything directly for the moss. To directly hit it, you'll want to get some iron down to burn it, and then thatch only if it's really bad.

    I'd do it a little different than TSM. I'd aerate, then thatch to break up the cores and prep the soil. Then overseed, lime and fertilize. He's right on about the watering, and I think the order is a personal preference thing more than anything else.

    Good luck!
  5. MCP

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    Hey Mike,

    Could you do all of that in one day without any problems?

    Also, I understood that the lime ties up the fertilizer or vice versa?

    One more question, when applying fertilizer following over seeding, do yo still apply ate a 4 lb /1000 sq ft?


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