What pesticide can i use besides TALSTAR

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by flcpro, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. flcpro

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    :blob2: I am a proffesional PC company and i am trying to find out if there is any thing other than TALSTAR to use as a turf insecticide. Now that Dursban is gone, nothing seems to work as well or is very expensive ie:talstar & orthene...
  2. RMDoyon

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    What are you trying to control?

    Deltagard costs more per oz but costs less per 1m sf than Talstar due to its lower mix rate.

    Neither one is all that expensive.

  3. flcpro

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    i would use it as a broad spectrum pesticide, (chinch bugs, ants, mole crickets, etc.). Not expensive?? $32 per acre at the lowest use rate is expensive to me!! $64 /acre for chinch bug control...When Dursban 50wp was $10 /acre!!!!!!!!
  4. tremor

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    Hey Flcpro,

    Who's paying for the stuff? You or the customer?

    This is a very negligable cost with respect to the rest of your overhead. Do you also scrutinize the cost of fuel, electricity, phone bills, insurance, labor, postage, etc, etc, etc,...

    Everyone else is in the same boat as you. If everyone does the right thing, & passes the additional expense on to the consumer, then what's the problem? Are you in this business to make friends or money? Charge more than you used to & the point is moot.

    For the record. If you really can't bite the bullet for the good stuff, Sevin & Malathion are still legal (for now) & both are very cheap if that's what you're into.

    Then again, if you can't sell the quality of a superior service application, maybe the Lawn Care Industry is better off in the long run. The last thing we need is even more lousy margin reduction pressure in this business.


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