What pressure washer to buy?


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cohasset ma
I've been doing the whole landscaping/snow removal/total property management gig for some time now. I've been looking to add pressure washing to my list of services. I know experience is important and I have a several years behind the gun. My ex-boss used to have a sweet pressure washer with a Subaru engine and it worked great.

So my question is:
What brands should I look into?
What psi/gpm should I look for in a strong unit.
I'm looking for a machine that can take hours of use which can clean pressure treated wood and trex decks, pool patios, outdoor furnature, walk ways and driveways. I know the best equipment costs money and I'm ok with that.

Thank you in advance!

Jack Kramer

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You should try to make it to Albany, New York for the Pressure Washing Seminar this spring. There is a 2 day Pressure Washing Class followed by a 2 day seminar. The grand prize giveaway is a hydrotek 5gpm hot water skid. The website is www.pwseminar.com.

Bob from PTSTATE will be there as he is one of our generous sponsors.

If you have any questions you can call me.

Houston Tx Roof Cleaning

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Katy Tx
I have had good luck with Honda engines for power washing and pressure washing.

For starters a 4000 psi / 4 gpm is sufficient. Approx $1,000 on up.
Once you have a feel for it I would get a machine that puts out 3500 psi / 8-10 gpm. They cost more.

If you know what you are looking for I would go with WaterCannon.com and get a Honda GX 390 - Portable - 4.0GPM or Honda GX 630 & 690 Electric-Start 8GPM.

I you do not know what you need, then talk to Bob at Pressure Tek.