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What Product was it?

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by 67ghiaTIV, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. 67ghiaTIV

    67ghiaTIV LawnSite Member
    from Toronto
    Messages: 30

    My neighbour across the road just had his driveway coated here just outside Toronto Canada.
    I asked the guy what product he was using and he denied it being AE, CT or Acrylic. He said it is an asphalt based product and he drives a long way to fill his tank. It has a very strong petroleum smell and good gloss to it.
    I am new to this and looking to start up next year or so.
    What product did he use?

  2. BIGBOY2008

    BIGBOY2008 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 146

    Sounds like he might have been trying awfull hard to keep you from knowing what he was using which should raise an alarm. And the part about what he was using having a strong petroleum smell doesnt sound good. Theres always the possibility he mixed up his own backyard concoction of only God knows what and is calling it a pavement sealer.
  3. W.F.D. Plower

    W.F.D. Plower LawnSite Member
    Messages: 24

    It was probably that product that Graham Oil sells by Stratford. I used to use that product then I switched to blackmac because I feel its a better product. It lasts longer and I like the flat black, I think the shiny black look cheap. Just my opinion.
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  4. BIGBOY2008

    BIGBOY2008 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 146

    The stuff that turns shiny and slick looking is just that...SHINY AND SLICK LOOKING.

    And W.F.D Plower is 100% right in what he said...it looks cheap. It looks way to much like a driveway that has been sealed with a cheap sealer as opposed to looking more like recent laid asphalt.
  5. JFGauvreau

    JFGauvreau LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,298

    It was probably a cut back asphalt sealer, called blackmac.

    It's liquid asphalt mix with a powerful solvent. The shininess only last 2 weeks and is due to the solvent. Once it evaporates, you only have the liquid asphalt left. Turns out to be a jet black appearance after 2 weeks. Sealer is good for around 2-3 years, all depends on the application. Reason sometimes it doesn't last long is they add more solvent to it, like varsol or kerosone or even gas, to cut down on their prices so they make more money.

    A properly applied cut back asphalt sealer will last longer than AE or CT (in Canada)

    Most of the AE and CT I've seen on asphalt, didn't last more than 1 harsh Canadian winters, those sealers were brought from the US and had different standards.

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