what r sum advantages/disadvantages

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jmc Lawn care, May 25, 2003.

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    im gona ask a few questions in this thread instead of makin diff. threads..

    whats the advantages/disadvantages of "Get your 5th cut free?"

    is it better to work by yourself or is a 2-man crew better ?

    whats the most lawns that can be cut/ or the most u cut in a day? (by yourself)

    also.. is there any special way of getin your business exposure besides flers, business cards, website, direct mail etc? maybe hit sum stores (?)

    anyone w/sum insightful info lemme kno!

  2. ElephantNest

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    Real estate offices, ask to speak with the properties manager.
  3. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    1. Nothing in business is free. If you give the 5th cut away, it will come out of your pocket. If you understand this and price the 4 cuts prior to the 5th to compensate for the price of the 5th, then that could be a sound marketing strategy.

    2. If the 2 man crew is yourself and a helper, then it might be better to go with 2 men if your route is condenses and tight. Not much windshield time.

    3. This depends on where you live.

    4. To get business exposer, who must advertise. Knowing what type of advertising is key to finding those customers who are ready to buy from the first LCO that they are impressed with and those who are tire-kickers.
  4. wacamaster

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    I believe the most efficient way of cutting is yourself and a GOOD helper. That is untill you get too much work too handle then you must take on more men to compinsate. When Im with just a helper we mow an avg of twenty 1/2,3/4 acre lots.

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