What rate should I sub out irrigation installs??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mike_NTx, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Mike_NTx

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    If I sub out irrigation installs, what and how do you think I should charge. I will not be doing this myself due to the fact that I do not have the license yet here in Texas.
  2. blafleur

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    Mike, I havent done much of it, but when I did, I added 10%. Just make sure the contractor knows exactly what you expect of him. I always make sure the installer takes time to show the customer how to operate the system. Most I have dealt with seem to just want to put it in, stick the instructions in the box and go.

  3. kbremn71

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    I can't really help out on the question of price too much since I don't sub that often. On the few occasions that I have, I struggled with that question myself. I don't get a "wholesalers" price like I do when I buy materials so the sub is charging me exactly what they would have charged the homeowner had they been the ones to call. So in the past I have usually added between 5% and 10% and havn't had any complaints.

    I can tell you this, however. If you hire a sub-contractor to do work for you - THEY WORK FOR YOU! If they did a poor job, you did a poor job! If the irrigation system doesn't work properly you can't tell the homeowner "not my fault, I didn't install it" So like Bryan said, make sure the sub knows exactly what you expect of them and stick to it!


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