what rating size tie downs should I be using?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rbig, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. rbig

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    Got a 1500lb tractor that sits on a flatbed trailer. Assuming it's in neutral, and has no wheel chocks (worst case scenario), how many and what rating of tie downs should I use to be safe and keep it from coming forward in the event of an abrupt stop? I would like to use nylon straps with ratchets.
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    Chains with binders only way to secure a 1500# machine from not moving and even thats not gonna work if you hit a tree at 60 mph. But that would be the least of your worrys at that point.

  3. D Felix

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    Most smaller ratchet straps are rated somewhere in the nieghborhood of 1500-2000 pounds. That's for the 1" straps.

    For something like that I'd either use the chains and boomers like Mac suggested, or get some 2" DOT rated straps. Those are rated for 10k each. Chains are usually only rated at around 5-6k, even for larger chains. Chains don't have any give like straps would/do.

    You need at least two, one front, one rear, with four attachment points. Supposedly, the DOT here is trying to pass a new regulation where you need to have 4 separate chains/straps, each with it's own attachment point. Just another PITA for us that try to do things legally....

  4. rbig

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    OK. Thanks for the good info. Looks like the heavy DOT straps will be the answer, as my distances from the tractor axles to the trailer edges are too short for chains and load binders.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    A 1500lb tractor what is it a 20 hp Ride on lawn mower :laugh:

    Seriously what are you worried about you can use the ratchet straps but you have to use the good ones thou. Chains are better for strapping down equipment because its more friendly for the sharper edges plus the chain doesn't stretch like straps.

    What you should buy is 5/16s grade 70 transport chain with 4 cinches (binders) you probably could get away with 1/4 inch but 5/16 chain is nicer to work with. You want the lever type cinches the ratchet style are too slow and to cumbersome.

    I do have to :laugh: that you guys worry about a 1500lb tractor because I'am used to dealing with excavators that range from 6000lbs to 100,000lbs. You should buy 4 8' lengths of chain with grab hooks on either end so you have some options to chain other stuff down besides your tractor. Its a a real pizz off when you go chain something down and the chain is a foot too short :realmad:

    When your dealing with a 8' wide trailer you may even want to have a 10' length of chain aswell. For the tractor you would put a chain over the front bucket or through a lug under the the front of the tractor and cross chain the back.
  6. Scag48

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    We have 20' length, 3" wide straps on a ratchet setup that are rated for 10,000 pounds. We use them to bind our attachments to the trailer, which are around 1,000 pounds for a couple of them. Put 2 of those big ratchets on there and you should be fine.

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