What Riding Mowers/Walk Behind Should I Go With

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green Industry Pro, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Im faced with many decisions starting my business. Right now Im focused strictly with maintenance until my company is firmly rooted. I have made other posts about various equipment and even made threads.However the topic of larger mower hasnt come into play yet. Since I dont have much money,every dollar spent is extremely crucial.I cant make a bad purchase nor do I need to buy the absolute best $12,ooo commercial machine possible right out of the gate(I dont have that kind of money).I maintain several 1/2 acre residential properties and Im currently using 2 21" walks.I want to add a larger machine now and continue to add a couple more in the future. So what Im asking is actually several things-------1. Ive looked into commercial 36s and if I was to buy one,Id get "Scag SW 36" "Toro 30694" or"Exmark Metro 36". Do you think its better to start out with a $3,ooo commercial walk and then add a rider later or 2. Save up for a while and buy a low grade commercial 48/52-54" rider or 3.Buy a high grade consumer rider (keep in mind im doing this part time,im only 16 so i have school etc...) such as the "Snapper 500z" or "John Deere EZ Track 425"


    THANKS in advance for your help
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    Buy a used 36" WB.
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    I'm a bit confused, because there is a big difference in machine here. If you buy a rider, you are getting a 48" or 52". If you get a walk behind you are buying a 36"? So I gonna say its safe to say you don't need a 36" or smaller. Why not a 48" belt drive walk behind? If you search good you can get a good deal. If you watch craigslist you can buy good used units for $1000 - $1800. Stick with commercial grade! You might as well flush your hard earned money down the toilet if your gonna buy home owner crap. I hope I helped!
  4. Green Industry Pro

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    I cant really buy from craiglist or ebay. Im only 16 so my family come into play alot since im just starting out.They want to be an authority and really dont want me to buy used,and I really dont wanna mess on craiglist. I might be able to get used stuff from shops and people in my city though(ill have to check). I want a commercial ztr but since the obstacle of buying new has come into play, I wasnt sure if I wanted to shell out the cash for one though.Hints why I considered buying a 36" commercial walk,or heavy duty consumer model(I could buy 2 36s for the same price of rider-36"=3000$ ea.& scag rider is 6500$ ea.).What I was getting at is should I wait and use my 21s till I save enough for a full commercial rider,buy a commercial 36" really soon,or wait in the middle and buy consumer rider.:usflag::usflag: let me know in your post if your still confused. THANKS for your responses everyone

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